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SSML Player Loyalty

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What are people's opinions on this? I've followed a few teams over the years, based on certain circumstances - my work, where I've lived, etc. I've seen a few controversial player movements - this year the Hoddy - Hertford mass movement, and a few years back, Tony Moore was helpless to stop a max exodus at Oxhey Jets and who can forget Ampthill Town?

But my question is, do people think it's actually a big deal? Because I really don't. It's part and parcel of non league football. What actual benefit do you get from staying at a club? Especially at this level. It's the player's own personal time, not a job, not professional football with proper fans and great money. 


Anyone that has a serious problem with the lack of player loyalty at this level, let's discuss...


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Good points, well made RH. I'm good with not really giving a damn at any level really.
It hurts though, a little more when half or a bigger chunk of your own team jogs on.
New signings, stiffs and kids, the world turns.

Players turning up at all shows character, determination and some nuts.
I would take mild exception with proper fans. There are one or two proper fans at this level.

Some of us dally with more than just the one mistress club.
Loyalty doesn't really work here, football pleasure does.

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