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How good are Concord

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We haven't played them this season, but I keep hearing people say that they are top of the pile.


How did they perform against Enfield Town? Did they play better than us? We seem to have got ourselves in to third place without being noticeably brilliant, just a lot of hard work.


So over half way through, who are the real contenders for the title?



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In my opinion Concord are a good side......managed by the experienced Ben Embery, they have Danny Heale up front who holds the ball up really well and gets his fair share of goals but thats about it.

Enfield Town are the strongest in the league...becuase of the experienced players they posess and their fantastic support but they dont always gell....particuarly at home...

Us at Ilford.....we are also a strong side with lots of youth and experience but if we can still score goals after the departure of Clarkey I tip is to win it....

I cant see it going any other way than between Ilford,ETFC and Concord....Romford and Sabo in 4th and 5th...

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i would write sawbo off, i think they have lost their best two players. tim and pearcey both going to ilford and enfield. we have now played everyone and i think its going to be tight. i was suspended for the sawbo game and so were many others and i would put money on them not beating us this saturday.


as for the tittle, i believe concord have played bar far the best football we have faced this season but i dont believe they can change the way they play if that does not work. we took 4 points and kept 2 clean sheets against them. enfield town probably the best equiped to win it in terms of versatility and clarkey and cove probaly the best 2 strikers in the league. only problem is very poor at the back (even though we failed to score), my cousin plays for them so have been to watch a few times. ilford are also very good, our manager rates them as the best we have played, i dont agree but it will be close. we were lucky to beat romford on the opening day but we are now vastly improved in recent weeks and we feel confident we can take points from most.


i hope etfc dont go up because we all love playing in front of the crowd!


we have a big test tonight, ford utd at home in lsc q final!

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Romford are guaranteed runners-up spot this season. In our previous five seasons in the League we have finished 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. On a serious note this weekend could prove vital in the destination of the title. The Ilford v Enfield game looks odds on to be a draw (despite last season's result), and the resurgent Waltham Abbey face Sawbo. Southend Manor have been no mugs of late and it will not be easy for us at Rush Green.

I still feel that Enfield are favourites as they have played most of the sides around them. We of course still have to play Concord twice and visit Ilford, Sawbo and Burnham. Although I feel more confident when we hit the road. Due to reason's various I haven't seen many of the top sides this season. Ilford seemed more than capable in their 2-0 win at our place. They didn't have to play well as we were not exactly at our best, and I thought that Enfield were tactically naive when we beat the Townies away. A flat back four against a fast-flowing Romford forward line is a recipe for disaster. Of course Concord have the games in hand, so I wish them well in the Vase. The more they play in said competition, gives them a bigger log-jam later in the season. Sawbo I still the best team I have seen, especially when they ripped us apart in the League cup at our place. But as somebody said earlier, they have lost two of their top players, so they could suffer come the run-in. Finally, what has happened to Bas and Mean it Mick for that matter. I know Downy as gone back to Burnham, but why has it suddenly gone tits up? They haven't won in six now and are destined to finish also rans. Keep the Faith

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I thought concord's defence and goalkeeper especially were poor. They did deserve the point on Saturday as they were able to raise their game when it mattered. I thought, though, that all they came for was a point as they certainly were very defensively minded in the first 20 minutes or so and had a lot of players behind the ball. They had a corner in the first half and still had 5 players back and only 3 in the box!


I did not rate them at their place at all but do feel that they play with passion.


Enfield Town haven't quite sparked this season, except at Edgware and Hullbridge, and it is difficult to see why. I feel that they are good enough to win the title as they grind out results even when things are going against them. (See the write up to the Sawbo Game on September 9th).


Reading the Concord report I forgot that they were reduced to ten men as they did not have enough substitutes and you do have to query Concord's strength in depth.


I have only seen Ilford once when they got a draw on the basis of Danny Clarke's brilliance. Now Enfield have him back I dont think that they will be a threat. Danny Clarke can be one of the most frustrating players to watch but he is worth nearly a goal a game and no team can afford to ignore him. If he is on the park other forwards have more space and time and then we will see what Cove and Ullatowski can do.


Having seen Ullatowski at the end of last season he was sparkling and will rip defences apart. With injuries and a long suspension he has not had much playing time this season but now appears to be in the manager's mind again and as such we should not find goals as much of a problem as we have been doing lately. (Brad Brotherton is second highest scorer and he is not a forward).


I agree that the defence at Town is suspect however it will improve with Ridout or Geraghty on the pitch taking pressure off the back four.


If we win on Saturday then I think we will take the title. A draw and Concord could get it. A defeat and the title is wide open and I fancy Sawbo to be joining Town, Ilford and Concord in the final onslaught.

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Kinnel, a bird who talks sense and can spell! (I presume you are of the feminine persuasion with a name like Steph or I suppose you could be of the Pete Byrne genre...d'oh!). Glad you don't fancy our chances to be in the mix. Jason Friend has now scored in nine consecutive games for us but I still feel the same five will be fighting it out to the bitter end (For Southend Manor read Bas of course).

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yes i played im the captain in sam underhills absence!


every single player they fielded was on contract. i know the front 2 were the front 2 that started both port vale games and there were many other. bradley poole is a quality player.


abbeynut what they tried to sign our secretary?

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