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with northampton playing man u. and scarbourough hosting chelsea the issus of ticket prices for these games rears its ugly head.. obviously the smaller clubs need to cash in, especially in todays financial enviroment for most clubs, but how to charge the glory hunters a bit more without penalising the seaso's and regulars..

ive seen a few suggestions..

1.seaso's get in for free.. wont work as the other club gets half of the gate reciepts and its not fair to expect them to subsidise another clubs fans

2.cheaper tickets for seaso's and supporters club members.. same story as above really

3.just leave the prices the same.. easy to say an all that but a club could really need the extra hundred or two hundred thou this may cost


the best suggestion i saw was this.. say normal admittance is a tenner to charge say 35 quid for these games (they will both sell out still) but issue a couple of free tickets to the next two home league games..

this circumnavigates the other club complaining, premiership club fans are used to paying that much dough, loyal fans who go everyweek n pay on the gate will get the extra back effectivly..

ok it will reduce revenue somewhat but nowhere near as much as keeping prices the same and you may attract some new fans in with their free tickets.. the downsid eof this is that it works against seaso's who really should be the ones getting the best deal.. but i guess with their free tickets they could bring a frd in for nothing for a couple of games.. anyone got any better ideas?

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And I regret to say that Chelski is one of the worst offenders on a 'tierred' system of ticket prices............

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