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Exeter and Potential Expense

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The NLP article today is extremely concerning - it could be that we have to waste half our FA Cup Money from this season on the legal battle with Exeter.


I can understand why they are doing this, but what a waste for everyone - the only people to gain, as ever, will be the wonderful lawyers, no doubt.


Mind you, I guess we're somewhat better off than some, whose finances will struggle to cover the £30000 quoted (how will Margate manage for a start?)

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Once bought, never bought again. I bought one some time ago and have never read such a biased load of garbage written about a Fleet game. How they award the players points beggars belief !!! One often wonders whether these reporters actually go to the games or do they 'phone a freind who went ?

Most of the articles are grovelling, sychophantic diatrible about Westley and Stevenage.

Far better to read the Reporter.

Much more accurate !

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I have to agree partly with C.Gary, about the NLP it's coverage does lean towards a certain select few clubs,but as an exile I have little alternative but to fork out every week for it,I did make enquires to have the Reporter mailed to me but the price was frankly a joke,frankly I think they weren't bloody interested.

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