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Enfield Town v Bowers and Pitsea


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My sons went to the Bowers match yesterday. Feedback I received is that it was a comfortable win, defence was solid, Bowers pretty poor, and we should have scored more than the 2 goals. I'm glad the manager started Bilal Sayoud yesterday, I think he is a very skilful player who offers something different going forward. Also has a really good shot from distance.

The Potters Bar match away tomorrow will be a good test. 2 games in 3 days is tough so I expect to see some changes in the starting line-up. 

I'll finally get to a game myself on 10 Sep, looking forward to seeing the various new players, in particular Wylie.

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It was my first competitive game of the season .. and it still felt like pre season before hand with it being a hot day ..

People I spoke to all felt it was too early to judge the team so far  - consensus was 2 good performances 1 bad, tough fixtures, let's judge after 10 games or so ..

It was a comfortable win - we can play better but still created many many chances ..

Prior to LDV's great free kick (I managed to capture it below!) he had put 3 balls in that Peter Crouch would have headed in, each was just a bit too high for our players ..

Their defender was being given a torrid time by LDV and after being booked and then hesitant in a challenge, they promptly took him off with maybe 30 mins gone of the game!

We created various chances - a Sam diving header, keeper made a great save from Bilal with his legs, Cass intercepted a back pass but was too wide, a clever move by Deighton was unlucky not to be converted, header from Redmond from a corner, Cass hit the crossbar but whistle had gone, plus twice their defender missed a cross - had a player of ours gambled they would have had a tap in on each occasion... There were more chances  too ...

Despite this, there was always the worry they could get back into it - until Cass scored from a Taaffe corner at the end.

They were a poor, dirty team and I expect them to struggle - we can only play what is in front of us but can't read too much into it ..

At times we tried to play it around a bit, albeit under no pressure, but there were still some aimless hoofs forward that simply conceded possession. True defence was solid but weren't really tested - from my limited views this season, I feel we need another CB and this partnership isn't strong enough to reach the play offs

We went to a back 5 towards the end with Spencer coming on - given how good everyone says he was last season at Lewes, I'm really surprised he hasn't played more - perhaps the back 5 option is something we can consider against the stronger sides ?

Didn;t see Kirwan's challenge for his late red, be interesting to see how we replace him - switch Spencer or McLean ? Josh ready? Back 3 with a wide player?

Cass was fantastic - Shulton was MOM and played very well, but for me Cass led the line so well, non stop running, holds the ball up, links up well, he is pivotal to us this season!

Agree with benj, good to see Bilal on, he did some nice things, some good crosses and worked hard .. at times pushed off the ball so perhaps need to build up a bit there ..


So early days but good to see no one is running away - no 100% records after just 4 games, only 2 teams have 9 from 12 .. 

Potters Bar - top  of the table - will be a good benchmark for how we are versus others ..



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Underwhelming performance against poor opposition we seemed to be playing 451 at the start but unfortunately cass upfront was left a lone figure at times, Lyle opened the scoring with another well taken free kick in the first half, the second half was poorer than the first half with the ball mainly in our half we eventually changed to 532 cass fully deserved his goal he scored from a header, kirwan got sent off late in the game for a second yellow I do think he’s good going forward but can be quite reckless defending at times I thought Richmond had an excellent game in defence not sure on Dayton he really didn’t show much and the same can be said for sayoud the main plus from this game was 3 points MOM was given to Shulton 

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