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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....and....

Uncle Urchin

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just when you bunch of mugs are writing the little old urchins orf......


we shaft westleys desperados.......


ha ha....all the critisism that georgie borgie and the club has had....


quote...'nightmare at the stadium''


ha ha....


quote....'the chelski of non league'.....


thanks..... whoever wrote it.....


I thought the 'riverside' was a 'fans' view...not an 'individuals'....


loyalty is a wonderful thing..... <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


and an ego needs a source of relief..... <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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Unc. It was a great evening. Pretty much controlled the 2nd half I thought. And even better, the Boro fans were calling their own team 5hite and shouting out "what a load of rubbish".

Thanks everyone at HFC...and nice one Max for playing All the Young Dudes! Here's to the next round.

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brilliant...well done you guys...I cancelled me flight down at 5pm 'cos of the weather here....(got a serious bollockn' orf urchinett but......what can you do..)..




great stuff.....we need more footie.....


well done georgie ...gary and everyone....top result.....


and well done you lot for supporting 'em....


quality... <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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The first 10 - 15 minutes did worry me - looked like it was going to be heavy going. Then the lads dug in - played some good footie - just didn't get it quite together in the final third.


GB was giving it plenty of encouragement from the dug out


The second half - well - what a display - although the lads didn't create a load of chances - everyone played well - terrific committed tackles - Danny Gay inspiring confidence from the back through the team & the goal was well, well desrved.


Very decent of GB - the staff & players to come over to the vocal mob - who sang their hearts out all night long.


Terrific stuff!

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Great result, first half was a little hard going, with the wind against us, but second half we fully controlled the game. Top performance, young Bertie looks like he could be a star. Only downside is that my weekend down at Bognor with the missus for Valentine's Day is going to have to be cancelled! Oh well, onwards and upwards!

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To be fair UU, I don't think Georgie has come in for any stick from us fans we realise that we are good enough to come through a so-called blip(if that's the only blip we have this season i'll be bloody happy) and the manager isn't the first person to be blamed by us fans. We were great last night everyone did their job well done George,Gary and the rest of the backroom staff and the players.

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I know urchino...I was a bit pissed whilst celebrating the mighty victory but was referring to the comments made in the riverside...I'm not sure who writes that but I thought the comments were a bit out of line....


I agree with you...everyone has been supportive and we must remain so...I get pissed off when we lose or play badly but knee jerk critisism wont help...


I'm not sure that the riverside views should reflect just one persons views but in fact should reflect ALL of the fans views...

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I'm sure GB is aware of how the fans feel about him...for a start the singing last night was like nothing I've heard before. Non stop for all of the second half with GB name being sung non stop for the final 10 mins......Great night for all under the standing terrace and a nice touch by GB to get the players and staff to come over at the end....top night.

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Maybe the comments were a bit out of line and I can't really comment but sometimes emotion can take over.


If it's the person that I think wrote this, they didn't mean to cause any harm. They're passionate about their club and sometimes lets this cloud their judgement.


I know when I spoke to them about the problems at Hornchurch the person was a tad critical of Borg and his tactics. We're all entitled to an opinion. I was critical of Jeff King at the start of the season and look at us now!


Don't let what happened at Canvey happen to your club where people got banned for daring to criticise the regime.

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I agree with Yellow. The person who wrote the article has supporteed the club well before it's recent Premier Division status and success and meant no harm.


Maybe her passion clouded her judgement but surely if an article is to be submitted to an "official" programme, it should be read and edited for content before publishing? That way, the club set guidelines as to what they find acceptable "content" for any article that is published in their programme and then everyone is happy.


On a cheeky note, my thanks to those Urchins that greeted me with a chorus of "We 'ate 'Ricay and we 'ate 'Ricay" as I walked past. Nice to have some good natured banter, eh?


Again, well done on last nights victory.

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