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Horsham Preview


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Since we beat them back in November, Horsham have stuck around the bottom half of the table, just doing enough to keep out of the scrappy relegation battle. In theory we should be able to beat Horsham on Saturday but there is one statistic that is worrying me. Horsham have not been beaten in the league for almost a month. They have won their last 3 matches against tough opposition -


Beat Bromley 1 - 3 - Bromley are Still in the top 6 race!

Beat Marlow 3 - 0 - We only managed 1 point from them!

Beat Croydon Athletic 1 - 2 - Another one we couldn't beat!


So it looks like the Sussex team have got them selves together a bit since our last meeting. But we do have our secret weapon Veli Hakki, he changed the game against Tooting, with Wilko suspended he should be guaranteed a start.


My prediction - 3-1


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A match...Whats that?? <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


Seriously though, i was down the ground yesterday helping to fix the fences that had blown down and the pitch looked in good condition considering the bad weather, i think the match will be on as long as we dont have constant showers from now until Saturday.

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Matt, no one has ever said that we employ a full-time groundsman and I don't suppose there are many non-league clubs that can afford to do so.

The pitch should be fine as the rain is supposed to stop today and generally turn colder for tomorrow. If the game was today (Friday) it would definitely be on.

BTW, thanks to Dom, Chris and Roy for their help with the wind-damaged fencing on Wednesday, your support was very much appreciated.

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