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Hot Dog

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Squawky...me ol' china.....you should move a bit quick...I have no trouble getting served at half time...and, on ocassions, have time to chuck two down the ol' gregory !!...and still not miss any footie ! so get the lead out of ya [****!!****] and move !!


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We got a fair movement going about a year ago, on this forum, for some decent real ale in the bar, but Courage scuppered this, because they only supply it in full size barrels & whilst the real stuff is superb when it's fresh, it's deadly when it's off.

Presumably our agreement with Courage doesn't allow us to get more interesting beer from other suppliers in smaller quantities.

As things stand, I go for the Kronenbourg if I'm really thirsty, otherwise it has to be the Guinness. Keg bitter is grim - tastes like they've added caramel & drinking smooth should be a capital offence.

However, I never get in our bar until about 20 minutes before kick off. Up till then I've been in The Rose or The Plough where you can usually get a decent pint.

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Hirsty said:
Strongbow !!!!! ( I feel a sense of Deja Vu here !!)


Well I do prefer cider, however I only drink strongbow in the supporters bar because you can get the good stuff in the plough. and by the good stuff I mean a pint of Scrumpy!

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