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Best squad ever?

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Next year will be the 40th year I have watched the Fleet (assuming my early memoryies of being taken to my first game aged about 5 are correct!) In all that time I cannot remember seeing a better or stronger squad of players at the club. As of now we seem to have strength in depth in every department and talent throught the side.

If we can keep the squad together next year and they show the same application as they are at present it could be a great season.

Does anyone else agree or can you suggest when we were better? I know we went one season where we only lost 2 matches in the league but that was at a lower standard and the team then made up in effort what it lacked in skill.

Is this the best it has ever been?

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I do not remember the SL Champion winning team, they must have been pretty good though. Portway is still the best striker ive seen at Stonebridge Rd. He would have scored goals at any level. However all credit to the coach. The conference is a very high standard and overall the current team is the best I have seen. That can only relate from the early 1970's till now.



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Nick Boy said:
lol....ok i will improve it now...
Francis Kumbur would definately be in the Best Ever 11

<img src="/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" />

Did you see him play then?
He wasn't that bad & was only brought in to cover our injury-hit squad at the time.
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