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Ground share - again!!


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Hi guys, thought you may interested in some quotes from a document that was handed out at Priestfield Stadium yesterday. A brochure was handed out to all fans called: The Medway Riverside Village and Priestfield Park. It detailed how the club have undergone extensive research over the last few years into re-location. Basically the plan is as mentioned before to have the following:


- A Riverside village at Temple Marsh, Strood

- A new road linking to Strood

- Casino

- Hotel

- Riverside Apartments, Houses

- Primary school

- other extras I can't be bothered to mention


If this area (Temple Marsh) falls through then Scally will look elsewhere. The following quotes have been extracted from a letter enclosed in the brochure:

"The Club and its advisors will progress its studies on Temple Marsh but whilst so doing has widened the search for a new site to an initial area of approx 10 mile radius of Priestfield Stadium."


"Over the past few weeks one such Council with whom discussions have taken place is Gravesham Borough Council whose boundaries embrace Medway and who have been refreshingly enthusiastic and welcoming in respect of the Club's plans and concepts for a super arena, an arena which would be for the benefit of, and pride of the people of kent. Early discussions with the officers of Gravesham BC have been positive and the club's discussions have involved healthy dialogue with our friends at GNFC, who like ourselves, could benefit significantly from such a venture. Whilst no specific sites have yet been evaluated there are undoubtedly substantive and exciting opportunites to be considered for both GFC and GNFC within the Gravesham boundaries and talks will progress over the next few months."


P Scally writes: "...talks with GNFC have been constructive and very beneficial. What is apparent is that both clubs share the same ambitions and suffer the same difficulties whilst focused on providing the best entertainment standards and facilities for our respective supporters that we are able to achieve within the incomes we currently receive."


B Killcullen writes: "The scheme proposed by GFC is an exciting one. We owe it to our fans and town to properly assess ALL arguments for and against our involvement in the project if indeed it progresses. We have, of course, been progressing our own plans for ground development at our existing site and on NEW sites in Gravesham with the assistance of council officers and the support of our council leader. We have recognised for some time the potential that this area offers and indeed what we can offer to the rapidly expanding community. The GFC plan will be discussed with our Directors this week and we will track with interest the scheme presented byP Scally."


I'm sure knowing the Gills and Scally that pictures and further documentation will be the official site soon enough. Trust me it all looks very interesting and exciting. Bascially guys, GNFC is the main fall back plan for GFC if they can't get Temple Marsh - so, no need to panic yet. But if Killcullen wants to maybe move GNFC to Temple Marsh then that may well be your problem cause I'm sure Scally won't turn the ££££ down. chat.gif

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As Paul Scally mentioned a lot of Gills fans come from the surrounding boroughs like Gravesham & Swale and will travel where ever they end up, as a Fleet fan who lives in Cliffe Woods it makes no difference to me, however i believe Gills will go to Temple Marsh it is a terrific site for the club they cannot stay at Priestfield as they cannot really do anything else to improve it, hopefully the Gills will stay in the 1st division, if they go down it will be tragic for the area and Kent football, as for Fleet i think we should improve the Stonebridge Road ground it is also a good site which can be improved in many areas, i for one would move the club shop, travel hut to an area opposite the club bar and even the refreshment bar could be moved to the same area which surely would increase the safety and capicity in that area, the real question probably is would a ground share work or is it a case of lets all join together and make one new club, Fleet attract what 1200-1500 at most, Gills 7000-8000 on a good run, more if a top side are playing, so many people in this area travel to London and never go to Fleet or Gills, but can either club justify a lot of expenditure when it will be difficult to gain support, i hope they can.

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Hang on here..have i missed something.......Scally says talks with G&N have been constructive......And the Brian Killcullen says the scheme proposed by GNF(?)is an exciting one.......Who is proposing these measures? Who wants to ground share.........and if the secret squirrels of Northfleet say that is not for us to worry one more time.....i'm buying a big gun and going head hunting!

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I hope the Board are taking note of the unanimous opposition to ground sharing with Gillingham, wherever they end up building it. I also note the comments made concerning Gravesham Council's support and would hope that maybe they could follow Dartford Council, who are putting money into Dartford's new ground. If they are looking to put up some money themselves then give it to their local club to help upgrade Stonebridge Road rather than helping out Gillingham.

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I have already expressed my concerns about this on another thread 60 years on. Of course we need to show our appreciation of what the team has achieved on Saturday, but maybe waiting until we see what happens about Strood is too late to let our Board know our feelings, and the more we show them through the Forum surely at least we will feel we have had our say. Hope they read our comments and also hope that unlike politicians they will at least consider our views.

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