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Now the season is over lets all have a vote each for team of the season.Im going to start off with not a biased vote but one well deserved 1st eton manor 2nd romford 3rd waltham abbey can someone with a little upstairs work the votes out on a points basis lets find a true top 3 1st 5pts 2nd 3 pts 3rd 1 pt something like that.well done to you all

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It's a nice touch to have a vote type thing but what is the criteria?


Performance, Humility, Ground, Hospitality, Acheivement?



For me Hullbridge should get a great mention, they came to us and were sportsmen on and off the pitch, same when we went down there.....Manor great committee, great achievement.....Apsa tried their best but found it tough going.......JT at Barkingside smashing bloke, as is Reg at EM. Ok,

1. Concord, by far the best playing team (even if we did take 4 points, 2nd Sawbo/Bas sheer tenacity 3rd I give it to us, Young side relative new ESL team trying to do the right thing......sugar I forgot Romford Olden but golden, always in there doing the right thing too...

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I am going to for 1st Eton Manor - for improved performance not only on the pitch but for all the good PR stuff you have done.


2nd - APSA - Very hospitable bunch of blokes a credit to their community


3rd - Waltham Abbey - Like Manor have upped their PR this season, made a lot of new friends and gave their team some good support down at Rush Green

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so many to chose for all having their own qualities


1) Concorde, play good football deserved to win the league

2) Waltham abbey, good up and coming side produced a few shock results during the season one 2 watch next year

3) ETFC FANS for there dedication

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3.WALTHAM ABBEY (might have been 2 except for ONE person)

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