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Malcolm S

Coach To Halifax

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I've had two or three e-mails now....the last one being last Friday afternoon.....you get more info in that than on the Official Website.....albeit that the info has probably appeared on here first anyway !




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So come on unregistered Robert Stevenson, Who are you???<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/affig.gif" alt="" />

I think there might be a Lious in there somewhere? And didn't he write some book about Pirates? As I seem to remember I the pirates were not very....Oh It doesn't matter.

Jessica so if I sign up with the Fleet Trust at the Carlisle game then I can book for Tamworth there and then? Whats the date? If Chelsea are at home then I can't go, but I am going to the Carlisle game despite Chelsea being at home. Everton just isn't a very big draw.

Yeah just checked were at home to Bolton. Can't make it. It will be easier next season when I don't have to make my mind up which game to see. The Fleet all the way.

The Carlisle game will be a big spend spend spend game for me as that is the day I will buy my Shirt. Any left Jessica?

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Theres a growing throng of ex season ticket holders of London clubs appearing down the Fleet now.. That can only be a good thing.. As its these types that will encourage more and more to come thru the turnstiles.


For the more discerning of football fan the premiership lost its appeal a while back.. Its time for the Fleet bandwagon to roll..

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