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Tarkan Mustafa ...

Urchin Boy

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In Todays NLP Tarkan Mustafa Says ...


"I've got another year on my contract, but the club is in breach of that because I haven't been paid since October. No-one knows what is going on and it has been an absolute nightmare .... there is no more regular training as such .... you don't know who you are playing with each week because players are coming in for one game and then going.

I don't know how they could allow this bloke to come back after what has happened. Garry Hill was doing his job and was betrayed, in fact we have all been betrayed. Williams wants us to walk away from our contracts but I won't do that. If I could get the money I am owed I would be happy to walk away"


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Whilst the traumatic events of the last few months have sadly produced many casualties as well as financial worry and insecurity for others it is (only) my opinion that had UU taken the easy route and shrugged his shoulders and walked away we would not have a football club by now - and the people who feel so wronged would be no better off had he walked away. Nobody else seems to want to help us so we are in the "last chance saloon" with UU and his colleagues our only way out. Heaping criticism on the only people who can put things right seems like shooting yourself in the foot. I believe the vast majority of true Urchin fans are praying that UU can save our club - nobody else will.

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.......Is he related to Mustafa Fag ???



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