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Eastbourne 0 Gravesend 1 Latest HALF-TIME

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Other latests (All half-times)


FAT3R: HT Eastbourne Borough 0-1 Gravesend


FAT3R: HT Hucknall 1-0 Southport


FAT3R: HT Walton & Hersham 0-1 Tonbridge Angels


FAT3R: HT Cheshunt 0-1 Leyton


FAT3R: HT Alfreton Town 1-1 Kettering


FAT3R: HT Hayes 2-1 Yate


FAT3R: HT Hereford 2-0 Accrington Stanley

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Isnt it frustrating - nowhere has score updates - this is supposed to be the Premier Non League Cup Competition, and the BBC and Sky and everyone else, it seems, ignore it completely, whilst Ryman League scores are available. Imagine the complaints if BBC or Sky chose not to report latest scores in the FA Cup.


I honestly cant understand their thinking - the only coverage appears to be BBC Radio Kents half time & full time reports with no other updates (I guess the problem is Eastbourne dont have good enough facilities?)

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"Easier game"?? They are 4th in the Dr Martens League, and if they win a couple of their games in hand, they go top - and they beat Shrewsbury earlier this season of course - albeit with home advantage on their grotty pitch (it used to be a mud heap - dont know if its improved at all)


So, yes, potentially an easier game, but we mustnt be complacent or take the game for granted, or we'll fail to progress.


And with only 11 or 12 Conference sides left in (depending on whether Exeter beat Billericay), and the top 2 playing each other in the next round, there must be a great opportunity to achieve something in this competition.


Amazingly, though, if Exeter get through in their replay, their game at Tamworth will be the only other all Conference tie, so there could still be 10 Conference sides left in the last 16!!

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Good job you lot didn't get Havant & Waterlooville in the next round, I mean, what with Caskey being their freekick tacker, wouldn't want De ja vu now would we <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

According to the NLP, he'll be playing in America by then anyway. So ha! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />
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