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It seems fanzines are a dying breed now because of all the clubs having unoffical websites!!!! I agree that we should have something, maybe the trust could try and get behind this?

It would be good for the trust to do something but it would have to be seperate from the club 100% independent and unnofficial. Ed would you be interested in producing a fanzine?
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Having done the fanzine 'a few' years ago, I found it was quite difficult to break even on the printing prices, or even to have it all organised enough so that it was timely when it eventually saw the light of day. Then I simply didn't have the time.


The website kinda came about instead of a fanzine as it was more instantaneous, cheaper to produce, and in a way, less work. Although having said that, it is difficult to produce an online fanzine (as the empty fanzine sections of Whitebucket illustrate!).


So in answer to the question, I probably don't have the time to do a fanzine, but would be more than willing to help with layout/design if anyone else starts one up.

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