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no way! i dont think 50:50 was claimed so hope u all kept ur tickets!

chopper u were only about 40 out!!

As no-one claimed it yesterday we put it towards the Tsunami Appeal, so don't worry if you've got the winning ticket, you're too late!

OH i was going to collect my winnings on wednesday ! dam !
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What on the colour or your hair or the match? Think the game will be a lot tighter than the 4-1 tonking you gave us a while ago. Just depends on which Romford side turns up. The one with the defence which often has the propensity to go on the odd walkabout, or the other one that looks rather good on the offensive and is likely to score with every attack. We shall see. Should be a good crowd by all accounts and we are hoping for 300+. The unhappy Hammers playing Sunday might help the cause.

As for the hair.......hmmmm.

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