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ETFC: How many....

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Looking at the squad on the ETFC home page I can see that none of the current defence were playing though Baldwin and Masala were on the subs bench and did play. Masala is not a regular.


Of the rest only Nyman, Riley, Negus, Snowdon, Brotherton, Wright and Hall are regular first teamers though Snowdon and Brotherton have had long spells out due to injury.

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Well as one of the few hard working heros left in this lefty P.C Britain, dont get much time whilst at work to get on here!! Sorry ST didnt mean to swear at you when i said the W-O-R-K word! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/laughuncontrollable.gif" alt="" />

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There is a highly dangerous virus in circulation. It is called Work.


If you receive Work from your colleagues, your boss or anyone else via e mail,


or any other means - DO NOT TOUCH IT!


This virus wipes out your private life compleately.


If you should accidentally come into contact with Work,


put on your jacket, take two colleagues and go straight to the nearest pub.


Buy the anti - virus programme known as Beer.


Take the antidote repeatedly until Work has been completely eliminated from your system.


Forward this warning immediately to at least 5 friends.


Should you realise that you do not have 5 friends,


this means you are already infected and that Work already controls your life.



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