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Already had enough

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First of all, hello again to you all on here.


Now to begin my rant...


Not even 24 hours since the news broke re Charles & Camilla and already I'm sick and tired about it all.


Could they not bring the wedding forwards to, say tomorrow so we can stop being bombarded by the tabloids and news stations desparately trying to dig up every last ounce of information on the pair in question?


(I know this next bit is going to touch a nerve with some of you but I shall type it anyway).

Of course, this is also bringing up past events re Diana. Now I know she did a lot of work for charity but goodness me did the relentless stories and news items that revolved around her every waking (and sleeping come to think of it) moment drive me up the wall!!


I wish C & C all the best, I really do. There's nothing better in life than being in love (and nothing more painful than losing it). I don't know why they didn't marry all those years ago, but for the romance to last so long surely it shows that this was meant to be.


It did amuse me last night on the news (ITV) how, when reporting, the journalist was already being negative to C & C and went on to mention how D had had her HRH title taken away from her. She got divorced! What do she expect??? Now we will watch as the Sun/News of the World, etc readers text 'no' pretty much solely on the response of their chosen tabloid read as they are unable to make a decision for themselves.


Anyway, now I've alienated myself from many people on here I shall get on with my work.

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I just find it amazing the Royals can just re-write the rule book to suit themselves ! (Edward VIII and Wallace Simpson ?)


I heard on the news this morning that Camilla has been showing her ring off !! [color:"red"] THE MIND BOGGLES !! [color:"black"]


Welcome Back Little Miss..... Trust it's not just a fleeting visit ? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/chat.gif" alt="" />

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I really couldn't give a hoot about these two overprivileged inbred halfwits or what they do or don't do, provided it is entirely at their own expense - and from earned income and not through the hidden tax of their "estates", come to that.


Yes, it is a complete waste of valuable news coverage time and ink and an insult to the intelligence of the people. As are "news" reports of Rooney's or Beckham's amorous adventures and the like.


Hi LMU, while the majority of forum users are right wing and staunch royalists, I suspect you will find a good deal of consensus on this one.

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Couldn't give a stuff about C and C. Quite frankly they both should be shot. I think I'll be out of the country on April 8th to avoid all the unnecessary fuss.


As for Diana. I wish the media would let it go. Let the woman rest in peace instead of this constant muckracking. I'm sick and tired of all these stories and frankly don't care.

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I shall be here (job-wise) for some time hopefully, Big JR.

How's your shoulder?

I'll PM you !
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