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Says on the sky sports site that there were 659 people there today. Is this correct? If so that must be the biggest league turnout this season by well over 140+.


I thought there were a lot there but looks like eleven wins in a row must be having an effect

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According to TonyKempster the attendance was 572. The Dover attencance was 659, did you read that by mistake? 572 is still a great crowd for us, our best in the league this season. Wouldnt have thought Windsor brought too many either considering there were 140 there when we played them at their gaff.

Looks like TEN home league wins in a row is having an effect, lets hope they stick around if things arent going so well.

Sorry to pick holes in your post Timo <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

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I'm sure it was 500 and something but it sure as hell didn't look like it!!

You aint used to a crowd mate, what would you know?! Why's everyone obsessed about attendances all of a sudden, we used to not so long ago, pull in over 700/800. That's where we should be aiming at. Just for the record I'd say roughly 570 for today.
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Yeah 572 was the official crowd which is still good. I was just commenting how it is good that the crowds have steadily grown this season despite minimal away support. After all we do have the forth best average in the league.


I am sure that when we get promoted the numbers will rise even more.

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