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Happy V E Day everyone.

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Hello everybody,


60 years ago today the German high command unconditionally surrendered to the Allies in Berlin, this saw the end of the second world war.


The people all over Britain and the free world celebrated all day long and into the early hours and gave thanks to those who gave thier lives to guarentee our freedom.


Now sixty years on I also would like to give thanks to those that fought for us, our children and our childrens children.


So today when you go about your busy lives just take a moment to think how different it could have been had it all gone wrong and our brave troops hadn't stood up and been counted.


Thank you guys,



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If you want to chat the feel free to send me a message – this thread isn’t the place.



***I couldn't agree more, which is why I wondered why you felt the need to whack in a jingoistic image. It's people like you that made people want to hide the flag, not wave it proudly as it should be at times like VE Day.

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If you don’t want to wave our flag or have no pride in it then don’t – that’s your problem not mine - you wont stop me doing so!


Like I said if you don’t like what I have to say and want to ‘chat’ about my views then send me a PM or look out for me at matches (with badge) and we’ll talk.


Nothing wrong with the badge at all unless you’re a Nazi and don’t have pride in our Britain’s victory.


Still not logged in eh?

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I don't wish to offend but what a sad, sad, person you are Anti Facist. Why do you have to denigrate peoples thoughts and beliefs at a time like this. Guys like you wouldn't have been around had the Germans been successful. Come down off your moral high horse and join the real world.

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Bill Kent said:
Why do you have to denigrate peoples thoughts and beliefs at a time like this.

Er, Bill, if you can actually find where I denigrate anyone's beliefs, please point it out. Well done to Harry for starting the thread, I fully agree with you if we hadn't whupped the Nazis ass, then freedom of speech would be history. I'm not having a go at flag-waving, VE Day or any of that - a bit rich considering my dad fought in the Navy during the war, so no-one needs to lecture me on beliefs.

And I apologise for hijacking the thread - but I was merely questioning why Loyal, given his previous musings, felt the need to pop in with his Enoch badge and other badge knowing he'd get a reaction.

But sorry, I'll run along now and reiterate Harry's original message : Happy VE Day.
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You may have a point Alan, but, to all the people I know who lived through it, some of who are still alive today, believe me, it was definately a victory !!


May not be a PC friendly comment under Blair these days, but I know I am pleased that I wasn't born then, and therefore did not have to go through it !



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