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Fleet Leisure &Sports Club

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As an existing member of beauwaters currently paying 30 pound membership per yr including free admission for my wife and two children, the new annual fee for me is 40 pounds and my family can only enter the the club on 12 occassions unless we join as a full joint members which would cost us 55 pounds and on some occassions there will be adult entertainment which my two young children would then not be able to enter club.Find it strange that a family club would want adult entertainment in the members lounge bar, ive spoken to a few current members who wont be renewing there membership as they find the fees quite expensive.Still be following the fleet but not renewing my membership with Fleet Leisure unless membership can be reduced.

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More adult entertainment I say. A pub in Northfleet has a couple of 'gentleman’s' evening last year and a good time was had by all – believe me even a few of the ‘no-marks’ on here would enjoy themselves!


I happen to be in the entertainments game, so if any of you lads are interested in adult entertainment on a Friday or Saturday night then why not host these kinds of evenings?

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On the other hand, some people may wish to go there for an evening's entertainment without having to put up with a bunch of kids running riot. Yes I have kids - 3 of them. I have also seen them and others think it is fun to run around all over the place.


Nothing wrong with adult only nights - I believe one of the so called 'family friendly' players in the uk holiday business does such a thing too, with adult only breaks.


If you know in advance then what is the problem?


As for the price - £55 for a year, just over £1 a week - how much do you save on drink prices compared to the local pub (I am assuming that being a social club, that the prices are lower)?

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Too right. People who have kids never realise what a bloody nuisance they are running around screaming in pubs when where others are trying to enjoy a pint.


Can’t stand being in pubs with annoying brats running around causing bedlam whilst their parent turns a blind eye.

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you got it so wrong the beers no cheaper then a pub as 4 kids running around thats why its a family club hence NO adult entertainment.Kids dont run riot down there anyway maybe you get a few young ones there but there no problem i just thought the football club were family orientated not like this there not.

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Fleet fan said:
as 4 kids running around thats why its a family club hence NO adult entertainment.

No it's somewhere you can go with your family most nights of the week - that doesn't mean that there's an automatic right for the kids to run about disturbing others.

As for adult nights <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/chloe.gif" alt="" /> - is it going to be every night? Every week?
I bet it isn't even as often as once a month! If there is a demand, then the club would be silly not to capitalise on it.

As part of the G&NFC empire, I suspect there is a need to cater for ALL tastes on differing nights and increase the turnover as a whole.
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