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What music do you like?

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This year: Maximo Park, Bloc Party, British Sea Power, The Tears.


Also: Bright Eyes, Suede, Idlewild, Smashing Pumkins, Delgados, Hope of the States, Ballboy, Seafood, Belle & Sebastian...


...erm, think that covers it for now.

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A pretty good selection from this year, Stu - particularly British Sea Power (although it's not as good as the first album). Add Doves to that list, too. I'll take Suede and Smashing Pumpkins from the other list as well.


All-time faves: Radiohead, The Beatles (boringly obvious, I know), New Order, The Smiths, Super Furry Animals...

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I like that one that goes,


Der der der der der der der de dum de do de de de de der de do der de do der de do do do do do de di do.


Any heard it?


I also like The Beatles, Ska (hence the name), Oasis, Coldplay, Lightning Seeds, Queen, Dido, Classical Music, Rock and that Mr Blobby song was the first record I ever bought.

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Look at JC, I'm very similar..


Add Beck, The Beta Band, Bowie, Air, Led Zep, Pink Floyd and I am Kloot (if you've ever heard of them)


I've seen Radiohead 5 times live and they were probably the best live band I've ever seen. The one in particular was their Oxford South Park gig, though seeing them in Spain was a very close second.


Macca also did an excellent live gig too and though I'm not their greatest fan U2 are a very good live act as well.

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Oasis obviously but also listen to U2, Guns N Roses, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zep and any Indie rock.

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