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Just bought my first online digital song

Webbo MFI

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Unless the single is released in the shops this week too, that's pretty unlikely.


My guess is that all the fans will download it this week, when it's unavailable for chart entry.


Well done in the snooker tonight, mate. Your first frame in match snooker!!


Gertcha lost 1-3, and I won mine 3-2.


I reckon Gertcha's first win is just round the corner!

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When's it released? If it's Monday it doesn't stand a chance.

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I buy most of my stuff at gigs, I emjoy the band the singer comes round with a box of CDRs and I'm in there.


It gives my music some source, some soul.


The last time I went to a shop to buy music was a trip to Rough Trade to get the Art Brut coloured vinyl release of their album. And that wasn't for listening pleasure but a deeper, darker satisfaction.

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That's the problem - it's why Coldplay's single flopped the same way.


Whilst it is only being sold on the net, downloads to not count towards chart positions.


Once it's finally released in October, most people who want it will already have downloaded it.


Sure, there are the nutter completists like Gertcha who buy everything they do, but again, that's never been enough to catapult them to the top in the past.

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