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Loan Signings.

John Pearce

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I see that Liam Daish has stated that he still looking to bring-in a striker on loan even though the Autumn transfer window has now closed?


I am sure that the club must be aware of the rules surrounding the signing of players at this time. However, I vaguely remember reading somewhere that when the FA announced that the transfer window system would also apply to Conference National clubs, they conceeded that clubs could still be allowed to sign a goalkeeper on loan, but only for situations deemed to be an emergency.


Was this ruling relaxed to include players in all positions, or did I imagine reading it?

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There is now a seven day period where we can't take any players on loan.


After that we can take players on short term (up to 3 months) only. Up to five loanees are allowed to play in any one match, which is an increase from the two that were allowed to play last year.


Once you have had a player for three months, you cannot take him on loan again.

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Harry, the limits on loan players are there to make the game fairer and personally I think allowing five loan players is ridiculous and open to abuse.

Supposing we get to the end of the season and us and Canvey are fighting to avoid the last relegation place but Jeff King is a good friend of Alan Pardew and borrows five West Ham players for the last four games, they get twelve points and we are relegated, how pathetic is that?

Likewise if Jeff borrows five players from Alan at the start of the season and keeps extending the loans, canvey win the league and pick up the automatic promotion spot with half a team that aren't theirs, how pathetic is that?

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Harry J Allstars said:
Why can you not loan a player for more than three months?

Why can you then not loan him again after that?

It's people that have nothing to do with the game have it's affect and impact on it.

Which all summed up in my eyes is pathetic.

Surely Harry, the FA have everything to do with Football, we play the game by their laws, and the Leagues are run by their rules!
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