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Billericay Town 2-0 Redbridge


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A good display of possession in the 2nd half I thought but Redbridge competed well in the first but were always on the back foot. Nathan's goal was special but in trying to keep it out the keeper clattered himself into the post and look as if he broke his nose and suffered concussion. Anyone know if he is okay? He looked pretty unsteady on his feet when he walked past the Cow Shed. I noticed the ambulance was in the car park at half time.


The build up to what was a penalty on Tom Poole, converted by Tom as well was impressive. Some really good passing football being displayed by the lads. An unsavoury incident after Macca went through their number 10, led to some afters and the 10 being sent off made our domination of the game all the more certain.


Difficult to pick a man of the match (again) but I thought Danny Kerrigan again looked solid and played very well (a sure fire candidate for player of the season in my mind) and it was good to see Dave Collins back. Collins worked hard and did take a chance in shooting from distance, something we do lack at times. Dale looked solid in goal.


Overall, another impressive display from the lads...I'm looking forward to Worthing.

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Team last night. Brightley, Henty, Macca, Paaaat, Kerrigan, Collins, Dormer, Gamo, James Drake, Poole and Elder. I thought we tried a new system last night. 1 4 3 1 2. James Drake playing between the midfield and the strikers. I thought we totally controlled the match without getting out of second gear. Dormer looked really good in the centre of midfield. Agree with the comments on Kerrigan and Collins. I thought Collins had a really good match, his set play deliver was good and his long range shooting was excellent. Tom Poole looked really mature in the way he took the penalty and was lively all night. A mention for Warren who acted as peace maker when the handbags were flying in the second half.

Also I thought the referee had a good game (not because we won), he didn't get everything right and I was baffled by his booking of Gameo, but he was overall fair in his decisions.


Well done lads and it looks like we have plenty of competetion for places in the team.

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The Redbridge officials would strongly disagree with Dilbert re the Ref....they were infuriated with his performance.


There were some double standards being applied by the Redbridge bench though, when macca went through the player and won the ball they screamed for a red. Yet when an identical tackle was made some 10 mis earlier by a Redbridge player, they again screamed at the ref that it wasn't a foul because he won the ball.


I thought the straight red was a bit harsh for the Redbridge player, there was a brief moment loss of control by the Redbridge player, but we see that every week without Red’s shown, usually it’s a quiet word and get on with the game.



Having said that, Nathan gets scythed down week after week, but he just gets up and walks off.



I too was confused as to why Matt Game received a yellow card.


Well done lads, it's the quarters next round. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" />



Oh yes, we are hoping to a new face or two around the clubhouse on Thursday.

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