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What has happened to 'Bev' ? [n/t]

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Her new found fame from Green Wing meant she was "too good" for such low brow adverts.

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I remember the first ad when Kev & Bev pulled up alongside Kev & Bev at traffic lights. Then the second is where Kev & Bev turn up at Kev & Bevs house to buy their second hand Volvo, which Kev & Bev had replaced with a red convertable.


Here's the funny thing.


That second one has been re-filmed with the same script but with a new Bev. Well. A new person playing the part of the two Bevs, actually but you know what I mean. The same ad., re-done.


What is that all about?


I wondered if there had beena divorce, or even a strange disappearance.


What's 'Green Wing'?

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