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east or riverside?


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You pays your money and you takes your choice, biscuits. On the Riverside we have Uncle's Burger Bar, Lino-baiting, zimmer-frame and colostomy bag training sessions, and wild-life spotting (the Heron, several pigeons, and the Eastside), whereas on the Eastside you have Treeboy singing (which can sometimes be heard from the Riverside anyway - if we turn our hearing aids up). Up to you!! (Oh the Eastside's nearer the bar if that helps!)

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now biscuits, being a riverside princess i can be quite frank with you about where is the best place to view the mighty urchins.


if you are any of the following then the eastside is the best place for you to sit (or stand as the case is):


1) you eat a lot of pies

2) you drink a lot of beer

3) you have limited vocab and have to resort to the use of "colourful" language

4) you enjoy lino bating

5) you have a taste for MINGING burgers

6) you have a big gob and you can be discribed as riff raff



if, however, the following best describe you then the riverside is the place for you:


1) you are slightly more "tammed" and can enjoy watching a game of football without exposing youself as a yob

2) you wish to sample some of daves world famous burgers

3) you would like the opportunity to have a sit on seats as opossed to concreate when you wish to park your behind every now and again

4) you would like the opportunity to use the nicer toilet facilities.

5) you could not be discribed as riff raff

6) you are a man and inticed by the beauty of the riverside princess', or a woman and enjoy bogging @ the totty on the bench (PHWOAR!!)

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