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Dana Cup

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Good Luck to the boys.

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Dana Cup is Denmark´s largest and the world´s most international football tournament for young teams.


All games are played on one of Northern Europes most beautiful football arenas, with 55 golf green football fields being used to play the tournament.


The very first Dana Cup tournament was held in 1982 with 222 teams and over the years Dana Cup has grown to between 700-800 teams in total, each year.


92 different nations have been represented at the Dana Cup and more then 370.000 people have participated, which amounts to over 2 million people being accommodated.



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Well Enfield Town Youth topped their Group with a draw in the last game so now play Verdal IL. I added thew other UK teams left in the knock out stages!


Game Date Time Field Team 1 Team 2 Res.


AA72 27/07 16:50 11 London Tigers - Havørn FB 1

AA77 27/07 18:00 21 Enfield Town - Verdal IL 1

AA79 27/07 19:10 12 Camden United - Tønsberg FK

AA83 27/07 20:20 17 Buntingford Tw - Heeren BSV 09/

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Just logged into the website. Bad news I'm afraid. We lost 2 - 1 to Verdal IL 1. Camden United won 1 - 0, Buntingford Town won 3 - 0 and London Tigers also won 3 - 0. Congratulations to the team on getting as far as they did. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/chat.gif" alt="" />

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