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Live Coverage of MARGATE vs Staines Town


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Tonight we bring you full match commentary of MARGATE vs Staines Town. We're on air now so go to www.margate-fc.com and follow the "listen live" link. (It's on the right of the home page)


As ever, post your comments here an I'll do what I can to refer to them during the commentary.

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Well if they do they are pretty mean. You could try this link <a href="mms://stream.margate-fc.com/listenlive.asx" target="_blank">mms://stream.margate-fc.com/listenlive.asx</a> which will launch a stand alone media player for WM. If not try the Real Player embedded player or try the individual file link which they should not block. http://stream.margate-fc.com/listenlive.ram


Let me know how it goes...

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It seems not even the Real Player version works here! Have tried in Windows Media Player, Real Player and WinAmp. I think I need to moan at the IT department!

I think its time to move out of halls if I can't listen to how the 'Gate are doing...

How are we doing? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

I'll be down on Saturday! Haven't missed a weekend home game yet!

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All a bit beyond me, but why would it be that i can hear the recorded interviews/highlights of Tonbridge game no problem- but can't pick up the live commentary tonight.


As long as gate win though-thats the real issue.


C'mon Gate

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