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Thursday Results

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Concord Rangers 3 (2-1) 2 Basildon United

Michael Hart 5m Att 45 Dennis Russell 29m

Jack O'Connor 44m Craig Etherington 86m

Danny Heale 89m


Essex Thames-side Trophy Semi-Final


Tilbury 1 0 Brentwood Town

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can't beleive the embarrassing performance by the ref either!


The Concord manager got sent off for disputing the refs decisions. The ref missed a blatant penalty against Basildon No 9 beaming in on goal. He managed to miss a great save by the Concord keeper to turn an Etherington free kick around the post and award a goal kick!!!!

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We out played basildon first half and most of second half, if we can take our chances and finish teams of we would be top three easy at this stage, we have dominated so many games this year and drawn or lost,


We played good football last night on a differcult pitch first half mainly and basildon should have been dead and buried by half time.


the ref did get a few calls wrong, mainly because of the assitent refs not helping him out at all.


heale shouldhave had two as free kick did go over line i thought,


Rumour has it that Dean Allen has not scored as many goals as suggested??????????????


heale would be well clear by know.

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Originally Posted By: Kaiser Jnr
Strange. I was told on Tuesday that Brentwood werent even going to play last night?!

Interesting to see what side they had out.

I believe they were struggling to get a strong enough one out according to the local rag.

They might even only end up with the Top Spot and GBT trophies at the end of the season after all their ambitions for more.

UUUUUUUUuuuup the Boro! bow

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