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Chelmo match comments


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Another fine victory for the 3-5-2 boys. Perhaps we have found the magic formula.


In the first half we committed some bad late tackes (Trott/Skinner/Sappleton), which led to a bit of aggro, involving Skinner as ever. He was up against the tricky Ricky Holmes and was being made to look clumsy.


Chelmo looked dangerous from the resulting set pieces, but at the other end they were playing a high back line, and of course we now have two proper forwards to make it hard for that kind of team.


Sure enough we beat the offside with Rob feeding Danny, who powered it in from close range. Before long we turned them again and Pinno found himself one on one with the keeper, 2-0.


Sap hurt himself with a late challenge that also got him booked, and was subbed by Deano, who went midfield while Jay dropped into the middle of the back three.


The danger there was that DS seemed to be on one of his suicide missions, and how he stayed out of the ref’s book I don’t know.


Nothing much else in the first half except Charlie coming off injured. We held them off well.


Fortunately the handbags were left in the changing room at half time.


Chelmo had much more possession after the break, however Danny’s 25-yard free kick was straight into the top corner like last week. Not many keepers at our level of football would have saved that. Funny, a few Chelmsford supporters were asking why he never did that when he played for them. A contender for goal of the season.


After that the home team challenged but the ball wouldn’t go in for them. They went close a few times, even hitting the bar and post after SCS spilled one.


Proths came on for Oatsey, straight swap. Couldn’t see why.


Their goal right at the end was no less than they deserved. We all stood still while the first player teed up for a shot, only to knock it to Holmes who cracked it into the roof of the net. Shame about that because gd might count in this league.


All players did well, and importantly played with intelligence, not running around out of position, which is very important with this set-up. A special mention for Rob Haworth, who worried their defence and took the pressure off Danny.


MOM Hockton for the goal.


So we might make it to the playoffs after all. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting in the final against this lot. Invincible at home? Don’t think so.


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Not only that chris but now we have 3 results to rely on! If Hampton or AFC or Chelmsford lose saturday and we win we go into the play offs, if all 3 lose then what a great day laugh

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two good goals from hockton , but how on earth your number 3 stayed on is a mystery , he could of been booked 6 times , fair play to you you did your homework , but we massively missed ibe and boylan . We take you in play offs anyday

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Originally Posted By: Chris1
Originally Posted By: Cookie
What flags that then?.......... Just kiddin', just kiddin'!

I THINK it was a flag... although it did have some banner-like qualities wink

Surely its easy to tell one from another. Was it on a flagpole?
l.o.l.(Sorry we arent going there are we?)
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we seemed to play with 'fire in the belly' from the off defensively sound and always putting pressure on linesman was poor every single time the ball was played to danny he was flagged in fact i lost count of how many times he ruled him offside howarth looked exceptionally up for it today and danny had eagerness all over his face the whole team was a joy to watch today although have to say thought we were a little lucky not to have had a few more cards and not just yellow either but all in all you have to take the rub of the green when it comes your way!!!!!

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What a great win. Chelmsford were so poor that they tried their best at getting our players sent-off and were constantly diving. I thought we deserved the win, we were fantastic in the first half and we were playing some good football. I have to give my MOTM to Haworth who was fantastic today, he chased every ball. He was setting up plenty of chances and was causing their defence loads of problems.



Bfj you mention that Chelmsford were missing Ibe and Boylan, RUBBISH! It looked as if you were missing a defence and a goalkeeper.


I think it is brilliant to think that we have scored 6 goals and conceded 1 and gained 6 points of Chelmsford this season. What other team can say that.


Lets carry this momentum forward into our next 2 games and hopefully the play-offs.

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Originally Posted By: Cookie
Was it really as comfortable a win as us at home were believing it to be? Were they really bad on the day or were we just much better than they were on the day or was it a bit of both?

They might have had another during the second half, but as OBF states above, there were 4 blatant incorrect offside flags against Danny and Rob, at least two of which denied likely goals. I was right in line with them by the way. Trouble is, in that stand you are so far from the action you can't even have a polite word with the lino.

As also stated above, Skinner could easily have been red carded, as could Standen if the ref had seen what was going on. Having said that, their players were clearly under instructions if they were tackled strongly to go down and stay down.

So was 3-1 fair? I would say yes on balance because the 'might-have-beens' balance each other out, and we were definitely better as a team.

The Claret fan above who would like to meet us in the playoffs must be some masochist, or has he forgotten our previous encounter?
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