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Second coach to Hendon


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Melvin informs me the coach is FULL for Saturday for the Hendon game.He says that if he can get enough names he will be willing to book a SECOND COACH.Please forward your names on HERE before THURSDAY of this week or alternatively contact Melvin direct on his home number(permission given to give it) on : (01843)299027. Please book early before THURSDAY if you wish to go on a second coach. Last game & a very important one. Come on lets get there in numbers! Cheers!

Departs (HP) 11 am Saturday morning. Cost £10

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Thats true Alan. If there aren't enough for a second coach I too will be taking the car.Am sure there will be the equivalent of another coach load or two that will be making their own way there.

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Originally Posted By: Dutch_Mike
Would either of you be prepared to wait until 1:05 and then pick me up from work and take me? angel

Is it obvious how desperate I want to get to this game?? tongue

Its going to be a bit tight Mike leaving at that time.In fact probably TOO tight. I cant afford another 3 points on my licence I'm afraid if I'm caught speeding. Can you not get off an hour earlier? If you can you are more than welcome to come along with us in the car(assuming the second coach isn't happening of course).
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Throw a sicky, or get someone to tell the shop that you have died. You could hold a fake funeral and have a sex change and change your name to Michelle Kazahkstan. No one will suspect a thing and more importantly you won't miss any games.


I have some spare hormone tablets if you need some.

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