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Yes, we should take absolutely no prisoners Saturday. We have pulled off some great results through hard work. Even if they are bottom, we need to play as if it were Aldershot.


We'll probably get short sighted, but sensitive hearing officials as well. Zero Tolerance Football Required !!



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Yeah, Wardy should get one hell of a cheer! Canvey player made captain of England - sounds great doesn't it! JK and Duffers can feel proud too! We should beat Hampton, I'll be anxiously watching the website for the score. Another 3 points I reckon, but let's not get complacent.

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I remember when we played Dulwich Hamlet at Park Lane the season we won the Trophy, and like Hampton they were well bottom and doomed to relegation. When Greggors scored after something like 50 seconds, we all thought here we go, we'll give this lot a good thrashing. But then with their only two shots on goal Dulwich went 2-1 in front. In the second half we bombarded their goal but their keeper, some old fat geezer kept making wonder saves.


We needed two briliantly taken goals by Tilly in the last twenty minutes to win the game. Remember Croydon last season?

These games are never easy. We should thrash this lot but knowing Canvey they never make it easy for themselves.


Looks like Rudi will start with Prothers not fit. I wonder if Dobbo and Berquez will keep their places?


Find out tomorrow!



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Yes, but you pleaded insanity, we all gave a character reference to support your plea and you got away with it.


I think you had half of lager in the bar to celebrate and got totally sloshed.


Mind you, my memory often plays tricks. Perhaps other will remember it differently.

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