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e More interesting news from Park Boy

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I have been looking into my crystal ball again and have found out what the future brings - It showed me that Bookham have a new Chairman for the season 2007/2008. It told me that Mr Collins from Dorking will be taking this position.


You heard it from me first

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Maybe Park Boy should take his crystal ball and stick where it will do a great deal more good, possibly in the CCL First Division next season !!


(damn ! I spilt me bleedin' coffee larfin' so much !)

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... and I don't know you PERSONALLY....



........but maybe, just maybe, you gave away too much insider information in your last post regarding DFC which pointed the finger of identity in a very certain direction.

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I'd like to oblige, Guffs, but people even more important than me have a vested interest.


Lips sealed; nudge-nudge; wink-wink !!


Secret hand-shakes; rolled up trouser legs, and iron the apron.


sub-judice, and all that, don't yer know !

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