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uhmmmm,i went to the bookies today and wasn't allowed to bet on the draw result!both teams now need "only" to get 3 points vs stansted and hullbridge to finish 4th and 5th respectively...thus relegating concord to a mere 7th spot devil it will be easy for Burnham,we are playing the kids.. whistle

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oh yeah i forgot i got booked! my eye was on the ball grin


p.s. kaiser is the best left back in the league (hi gary kimble)

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Originally Posted By: Kaiser Jnr
Good entertaining game last night. Chances for both sides to win it... Draw a fair result in the end.

See you Saturday Coachie!

see you saturday.... chainsaw beer2 and no friends on the pitch boxing
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i haven't heard from your gaffer yet...he must be worried and rightly so grintell him that i have got the latest magazine from soccercoachinginternational.com..he'll be pleased about it grinoff to training now and another day of building up..an interesting centre-half released by a pro-club is coming over for training.Another piece of the puzzle bandit

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