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Who stays and who goes?


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It's the end of the season so these are my opinions.





















Not sure:







McKimm - Always looks like he's gonna lose his rag. Can we afford to risk losing him for loads of games again through suspension. When he's in the side he's a major influence but how many games is he going to play?

Standen - Gives the ball away far too much. Can't fault his effort.

Protheroe - Doesn't suit this league as I think he does lack work rate too often. Got loads of quality, but he's probably on his way out anyway.

Donovan - Looks short of fitness. Makes some fantastic challenges but is prone to lapses of concentration very often.

Haworth - Put maximum effort in every game, but he's clearly not a goal scorer so can we do better?

Bagley - Question marks over him. Not sure but could be worth holding on to him as he obviously does have a lot of ability.


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Can agree with most of that , the only thing i would change is one of the keepers would leave , can`t see Charlie or Scott sitting on the bench and i think Macca should be around next season , a massive influence to the players also like the way he has been working and giving advice from the bench over the last 3-4 games instead of just sitting there doing nothing .

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I agree with that list Paul, but instead i would keep Haworth he was chucked into the deep end at the end of the season and did not have the oppurtunity to really show himself, i think he could be an important part of our team next season whether it will be as back-up or a regular starter.

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pretty much agree howarth not worth keeping works hard but danny and pinnock are much better up front. we need 2 midfields a new keister or adrian clark to make things happen and 2 central defenders with a bit of pace mabe we can prize shults away from ramsgate.and of course another forward with pace on the right

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Pretty much agree Porka but


Also to Go

1 Goalkeeper (cannot keep them both happy a decision has to be made here)

Players to Stay:

McKimm (he is committed to MFC)

Standen (even if he just warms the bench covers a lot of posiotions)

Haworth (He does want to play for MFC)


To Stay as Reserve/First Team Players

Kieron Morris (He is improving in the reserves maybee a loan spell to Ryman 1 South)

Dan Allen (Do not think we have seen the best of him yet)


Undecided but think should go

Bagley (Think Ryman Premier is to high a level for him)


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Nick Bagley has the ability but his temperement needs to change. As soon as he came on yesterday, his head went down and he lost interest.

Rob Haworth - don't think we've seen the best of him yet - been fantastic so far - 100% in every game. OK, he hasnt scored many yet but neither did Wayne Rooney after joining Man Utd....

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Donovan & Standen MUST go. We cant carry them anymore.

Haworth might not possess the best skills but unless we get some athletic youngsters in then he will be okay for next season as even at his age he works like mad & is extremely comitted for someone who has just come into the side.Now this guy really IS a nice chap too.



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Players like Bagley take some time to adjust to thee better standard.

He may well be ok next season if he is retained, and is involved in pre-season training and thus psychologically can view himself as an integral part of the squad.


It can't be easy being young and drafted into an experienced squad halfway through the season.


Hope Haworth is retained as i guess there's no chance of signing Ian hodges from hampton now-the best Ryman striker by a mile

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Agree with MM Bagley must stay i think he poses the abillty just not the attitude atm, he could become a good player for the gate.

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Interesting this question is always asked at this time, I would say this


In response to Bagley, he has the ability but does not seem to be happy, particularly when at reserves level, now that is a problem for him taking in to account that Kenny Pratt & Carl Barron are not that far away and seem to have better work rates and metal attitude.


Kieran Morris seems to be a good prospect but lacks touch, in that respect he needs more time where he is in the reserve set up or should be placed out on load to gain further experience?


Dan Whisker like Bagley need to play games I have said this before you just cannot make a presumption on a player who has not had the time or games in a consistent fashion to make a judgment


Looking at it from another angle if we release a player the replacement should be at least 20% better??? Do we currently have that quality in the reserve set up?


Yes they have done well and all credit to the lads and MW but apart from a couple the majority are 19, 18 and below and just not ready to step up yet, so do we buy in, can we buy in? or do we work with what we have at this time and consolidate with a view of progressing what we already have??


Personally I am not sure what do you all think?


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Sorry TQA I deleted my post as I was So pissed off when writing it. Yes its a forum but these players read this and when it is so negative and personnal it makes my blood boil. Trouble is these so called critics and wannabee managers have'nt got a f-cking clue.


If anyone should go its these lot with there negative post and disgusting behaviour towards the players on Saturday and other games this season.


What must these players think? more to the point what do the up and coming players in the reserves and u18s think. I think it is disgraceful and undermines everything the club is trying to acheive.


Unfortunately these so called supporters think because they do a little bit of voluntary work for the club or pay £9 to get in every week they can slag players off when they want. Well I have news for you you only get respect if you respect others.


Mind you we can expect nothing else from us english we're good at knocking others but if the shoe was on the other foot you would'nt take it.


Anyway rant over and lets wait untill trotty has signed the team up so you negative w-nkers can start to slag em off.

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Originally Posted By: bigtw

Mind you we can expect nothing else from us english we're good at knocking others but if the shoe was on the other foot you would'nt take it.

Is that why I don't criticise the team Tony wink

Great post by the way Tony!
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I certainly think Macca has been a major blow since his injury. Alas, as the saying goes: "You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone". We have missed him dearly. Who knows, with him, we may well be celebrating right now, or at least preparing for a potential trip to Essex tonight!

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