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That was some lovely football today. Good to see wins for Arsenal, (I never say that!), Canvey Island and hopefully my 'Blue Team' will also do over Stoke tomorrow!!


Ash was probably freezing with nothing today and he got another clean sheet.


Wardy, Cheners & Gav all put in solid performances today nothing rarely passed them.


Dobbo was a rock again, another excellent performance from him.


JK was his usual week in, week out self never gave up!


Duffy wasn't too bad either, Minton is a God, good to see Rudi back he got stuck in and both Boylan & Berquez split the Beavers' defence time and time again!!!


Matt CIFC <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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It was easy today, so easy. From the first whistle it was obvious that Hampton were a very poor side and had come to Park Lane with the intention of playing for a draw. The only way Canvey were not going to get the three points was if their attitude was not right for the entire 90 minutes. The workrate and determination was second to none. It was a professional performance but we played some good stuff.


What can I say about Jeff Minton? He keeps getting better and better, absolute quality today and two blinding goals.

Great finish from Lee and I thought Ollie deserved a goal for his sheer hard work.

Rudi looked good, got stuck in and showed a lot of quality.


Dobbo is an absolute star at the moment. His tackling and distribution are superb and he is a 110% player. No wonder he was captain at Chelmsford.

Good service from the wings today and Gav, Wardy and Chenners were very solid, distribution was good as well.


Parms was lucky with his goal, earlier in the season they were not going in for us.


Shame about Shots winning but less face it look at the sides they have beaten recently, all in the bottom eight.

I think we'll have to be patient, Shots run in is very difficult indeed. If we can stay within four to five points come the last six games, we might just do it.


P.S Merv, was that you I heard bellowing Wardy England's Captain! Pretty impressive!

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Do you mean my bellowing, or Wardy being captain?


Shame there weren't more of us to cheer him, and the team, on. I think 449 is a very disappointing turn out from the island. The team is second in the league and we had three England internationals in a game that we were odd-on to win. So where was everybody?



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Let's hope that we can switch from cruise control to hard work mode in time for tuesday. I know a lot of people will say 'it's only the Bryco Cup', but the chance to do a hatrick over Stimmo's wasters is too good to miss. A hatrick in our first three games against Stimmo - have we got a team full of Sri Lankan bowlers?!?! I should cos of them George W and Tony will be the least of their worries!!!

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Sorry I meant your bellowing or attempt at singing!


Have to agree, really disappointing crowd today. Ok it was bloody cold today but if the people of Canvey don't know that they're on to a good thing then they're stupid.


Those that were there today got behind the team just as we did last week and just as we'll do on Tuesday and Saturday.


We are second in the league and playing great football. If people can't be bothered to come and support us then that is their loss.

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I had Lee Protheroe standing over my shoulder in the second half yesterday and he was commenting on the game from our point of view, (the 'North Bank') and I think we're all talking along the same wavelength.


Minton is too good for this level of football and we are very fortuante to have such a player in our ranks.


Such a pity he couldn't make the Belgium game, he would've shined in that game.


As for the attendances, I don't think we have that many Man Utd supporters on the island so I don't think they all would've been too depressed about the result to turn up.


St. Albans have overtaken us on the attendance average, Ok I know we still have Aldershot to come but even so, where are the 766 supporters that watch us take on Purfleet at Park Lane? They never have any away support!! Or the 779 against Sutton earlier in season or even the 612 against Aylesbury last month?


Where are you people now?! Not recovering from a Valentine's Night with the other half surely? - Not even I had that much fun!!!


Come on people, I have to put up with the odd hit of abuse at College when I pull on that yellow shirt in the mornings and I bet Ash gets the odd comment their too!


Remember what the shops on the island did during the build-up to Villa Park? Well I reckon a number of the Yellow Army work on the island so how about putting up a poster or two advertising the Gulls' next fxture where you work?


When Canvey played Chester at home I printed off a few posters to put up around my school at the time and I know that caught a few people's eyes.


It doesn't take too much effort to promote our club to the community of Canvey as everyone knows everybody else through some way or another, (and I don't mean the Grays or Bedford way either! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />) Oh somebody slap me that was unfair!!


Matt CIFC <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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Been there, done that, dosn't work!, well, not in the long run anyway. We all know the regulars and at the end of the day they are the important ones. You can always spot a fairweather by their lack of knowledge about the club, i quote from yesterday, "duffy! you are useless" whoever said that has their head up their [****!!****]!

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