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Five a side pitches.


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The Council solicitors firm of Bloodsucker,Parasite and Leech.


That profession is not even a necessary evil. Laws are only made to keep overpaid barristers and solicitors able to pay for big houses,hookers and rent boys.....


Nice to see local law firm of Boys and Maughan attach their advertising board on the Oddfellows Club wall without permission.(I always thought that illegal but not if it involves solicitors who think they are above the law)


Rant over

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Originally Posted By: Taffy_Alan
I reckon we are still waiting for this Community Certificate, bet its stuck with some solicitor somewhere!

If this were the case,or similar,it wouldn't hurt the club to tell us this,even if its just to shut us up.Lets face it it SEEMS they are pretty good at that by now.
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Originally Posted By: Hornet
Two grains of sand delivered and another blade of grass removed-it's coming on nicely.

It's a start laugh
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Its 3 weeks now since the certificate was due. Building work was supposed to start almost immediately after it was issued. What is happening? This facility is going to be a major part of next seasons budget according to the last statement, which is why RT's budget has been reduced. Can no-one at the club at least give us some news?

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From the Club news release


"Further information was required to be submitted on both archaeological and land contamination issues, and these must be addressed before works can commence."


Why the F~~K are the archaeological group involved again!!!!

Last time they spent ages digging around, took loads of stuff away then charged us.

If they want to dig up anything we should charge them.

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Originally Posted By: The Pagester

most people think it is worse than it probably is

When theres silence,I think thats how the majority think Andy. Spot on there.Probably spot on too that in truth there IS nothing to concern ourselves with.However its still going to be nice to actually see works begin. But for now I think we should all be satisfied with this latest update including the retained list which was an added extra. At least we now know whats going on & why.It dosent take a lot to please at the end of the day does it?
Well done MFC. I personally am well satisfied with this news today.
It will shut ME up at least
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