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Any chance do you reckon that the club may have informed the press about the next date for start up of the 5-a-side pitches..if ever that is! No mention about what happened at that meeting yesterday yet.

Somethings seriously wrong here(as if we didnt think that already).

If it were good news surely they would have said already.Hopefully the Gazette might give us something tomorrow.

This is getting beyond a joke now!

HAS anyone heard anything on the grapevine?

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Not got it yet either Cookie, but I know when I do my cricket reports for paper I have a deadline of Tuesday lunchtime for Friday's paper. So as the meeting wasn't until Wednesday will not be surprised if no news. However, I agree that maybe the club should have put something up on website but maybe due to fact that Vicky still not there, not sure?

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In todays Gazette:



"Margate could now launch the redevelpoment of Hartsdown Park early next week following a successful meeting with officers from Thanet Council on Wednesday.

If they do begin there'll be a couple of weeks exploratory work before the full-blown building of the five-a-side centre starts".



"Three clubs have made offers that I (KP) have rejected but all of them have said "please don't let him go without coming back to us".

"A conference National club were the latest to enter the race to sign the 40-goal striker,who asked to leave Hartsdown Park last week to play at a higher level".



Meanwhile Trott remains in talks with Pat Sappleton over the defenders future at Hartsdown Park.


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Re:5-a-side pitches


Despite this news it still includes an "IF" they do begin & a "COULD" now launch, did you notice.

Theres still a few weeks before it starts & it seems the archaeologists are still to be involved(reading between the lines). Goodness knows how much longer its going to take should they stick their noses in.

Still a long way off i.m.o.Nothing there has a definite starting time as far as I can see.

The wait continues!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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I heard one of the delays has been caused by the find of a rare badger on the site and they dont want to disturb its habitat! I think its Frankie crawling home from the Legion myself! grin

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Originally Posted By: Joseba
Ah that famous rare bred of badger Frankinus Legionarius Amat Plasternamus. Yes can only be seen very early in the morning up by Margate Station or late at night in Buckingham.

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Happy to let Margate and Hartsdown devpmnt. company get on with the development.


Maenwhile, back at Margate football club, possibly promising news re-Sapps ?


Now that would be an unexpected bonus if he were to re-sign !!

Sign him, plus a right back and we have a team again !!

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