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Racist Chants

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17 replies to this topic

offline Unrecognized Genius

Unrecognized Genius
  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 461
  • Joined: 17 May 2002
Don't think it's a good idea just to dismiss the Farborough fans' comments out of hand, chaps. They seem pretty definite & it just makes us look like we don't really care if simply switch into smug denial mode.

We have had some problems off & on from a group of [***!!***] youths who turn up occasionally, with the obligatory Burberry cap or two amongst them - did their best to make us look bad against Notts County, I believe. Then of course there's the odd brain dead old [****!!****] who still hasn't woken up to the fact that a third of his own side are black. I seem to remember some of us on here getting quite annoyed about this not that long ago & Francis having a pop at the idiots in the programme.

Whoever or whatever, if it happened yesterday, there's no excuse & if the stewards saw & heard it & did nothing then that's unacceptable & we'll have to see something is done about it.


offline Stu M

Stu M
  • National Squad - 1st XI
  • Posts: 6,503
  • Joined: 17 May 2002
I think if you read the comments on the Farnboro board from Fleet fans, we're not dismissing it at all, we're just amazed that Farnborough fans seem to have heard it and, as yet, no-one on here did... and that's from people standing in various different parts of the ground. Not saying it didn't happen, but no-one seems able to pin down when and where it happened and who was involved.

offline smithyman

  • Reserves
  • Posts: 149
  • Joined: 27 Jan 2003
Would it be possible for one of our fans to show total honesty and say that they heard racist chanting as this might help to put this issue to bed? If it did happen then someone at our end must have heard something as the noise appears to have carried the length of the pitch. I was standing at the halfway line, which puts me about fifty yards closer than the Farnborough fans and I didn't hear anything but that is not to say that there was no such chanting. If it did happen then the stewards need to know about it so that they can deal with it if it happens again. And if it did happen then can those involved not spend their £10 going through our turnstiles because we don't want them, especially if we're trying to keep quality players like Manny and Moussa.

offline UP FLEET

  • First XI - Sub
  • Posts: 1,201
  • Joined: 11 Jan 2003
Stewards from the away end were in contact with stewards at the home end after reports were made, and nothing was heard, and anything that sounded racist was the chants of moussa and you fat bast..., fanborough fans were aiming there reports at their number 26 jalo, saying monkey chants were made every time he got the ball, local police have also said they heard nothing apart from the above mentioned chants. So from the other end of the ground perhaps the farnborough fans could hear better than the home crowd, (am i being sarcastic again?)They may well have heard something, but i for one do not believe it was racist with so many black players in our team.

offline Jessica

  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 461
  • Joined: 17 May 2002
I was standing near the away dug-out and the only thing I heard from the home crowd were the chants when Moussa came on.I did hear one chap say something unpleasant but this was not loud enough for anyone at the away end to have heard, and he said no more when the fans around him made it celar that we did not think much of him.

As someone who had also written in the programme re racism, I certainly would have made someone aware if I had heard anything.

I am not burying my head in the sand, I hate this kind of behaviour. but like I said I was standing near the dug-outs with loads of other fans and heard nothing.

What we need is for people to report it straight away to the police or stewards, not wait till they get home and then moan.

We at the Telford match told the stewards when chants were made against Moussa, but sadly nothing was done, but at least we made sure they realised how unhappy we were about it.

What makes we really mad is we all have players of different colour in our teams and if you are chanting at one you are chanting at them all. Perhaps is someone did chant yesterday, they would like to come an speak with Francis and the other lads at the next home match and explain why they did it. No !!! I thought Not.

Dont let these people hide in any crowd if you hear it, Make sure someone does something about it.

offline Fleet til i die

Fleet til i die
  • First XI - Sub's Bench
  • Posts: 300
  • Joined: 25 Jan 2004
I was by the goal and heard nothing but moose

offline EUFC FAN

  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 531
  • Joined: 10 Jan 2004
I too was behind the goal and I did not hear any racist chants. A Steward did speak to a few lads behind the goal a couple of times during the match, but i think it was for throwing stuff on the grass area behind the goal (not at a player I must say), or for climbing on the wall.

offline John@TheFleet

  • Reserves Coach
  • Posts: 1,592
  • Joined: 14 Jul 2003
I've now spoken to people who were standing in different parts of the ground and no-one heard a thing.If they had they certainly would have mentioned it as they were all incensed by the allegation. We are NOT racist! I'm very angry as well.

offline Unrecognized Genius

Unrecognized Genius
  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 461
  • Joined: 17 May 2002

Last Tuesday I emailed the guy who made the comments in the report he posted on this forum, asking for the location & description of the people responsible for the alleged chants. Like everyone else, I'd heard nothing, but assumed it had come from a few morons standing close to the very small Farnborough following.

As yet, he hasn't replied, so it looks as if they assumed the "Mousse" chants were the old monkey noises which used to be made with regularity by scumbags at most grounds in the past. Like you, I'm annoyed that they can make allegations like this - didn't it occur to them that the noises errupted when one of our players was on the ball?

I wasn't at Telford, but listened on the internet. When Moussa was getting stick from the Telford crowd, Greeny asked Chas if he thought the noises were racist. Chas felt they were simply boos, because they'd got it into their heads that he'd been diving. However, from Jessica's post it appears this was not the view of other supporters. Anyone more definite views as to thether this was some of our supporters making the same mistake as the Farnborough guys appear to have made, or was it indeed a return to the bad old days from some of the Telford crowd?


PS If I haven't heard from the Farnborough bloke by the weekend, I shall email him again with our collective thoughts on the matter.

offline David Holden

David Holden
  • Youth Team Coach
  • Posts: 8,757
  • Joined: 5 Sep 2001
  • Location: Gravesend
  • Supports: Gravesend & Northfleet
  • Foes: Dartford
Well I thought that they were booing Moussa, all except the git behind us who called him a "black [***!!***]" when he scored.

offline jc

  • National Squad - 2nd XI
  • Posts: 3,408
  • Joined: 29 Apr 2002
  • Location: Gravesend
  • Supports: Ebbsfleet United
I thought it was boos as well Dave - but in the second half I wasn't standing among the Telford fans so I wasn't in the best position to comment on the allegations of racism.

offline Nick Boy

Nick Boy
  • Reserves
  • Posts: 174
  • Joined: 5 Mar 2004
Telford..ain't this fartborough?

offline Graham S

Graham S
  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 621
  • Joined: 18 May 2002

Read UG's entry 3 above this one & you'll see that as well as referring to Farnborough's allegations, he drew attention to a difference of opinion amongst Fleet fans as to what happened in the previous match.

Was Moussa simply being booed by acceptably biased Telford fans or receiving the infamous monkey chant from unacceptably racist Telford spectators?

offline Alan W (GNFC)

Alan W (GNFC)
  • National Squad - 2nd XI
  • Posts: 3,873
  • Joined: 23 Dec 2001
There seem to be numerous contradictory comments on the Farborough board - from being a small number involved, to a large section of crowd, undecided as to whether it occurred 1st half or 2nd, or both, whether the chant of "you fat bast**d" was the chant and was misheard as "you black bast**d" or whether there was a separate chant involved, whether it came from behind the goal, or from the side.

I think the best the club can do is monitor the situation at the Northwich game, and early home games next season to ensure this is not something that really is an issue.

The other check that could be made, would be on the match recording - the whole game is filmed, and if the chant was as clear as some suggest, at the Farnborough end, then it will surely have been picked up on the microphone on the video camera recording the game??

offline behindthegoal

  • First XI - Sub's Bench
  • Posts: 357
  • Joined: 3 Apr 2003
I can only support previous comments. We stood at the far end first half next to the dividing fence by the main stand and heard nothing racist. Second half behind the goal and ditto. I can't see why there would be such chants given the make-up of our team and also I can't remember hearing anything like this at home for years.

offline Hirsty

  • First XI - Permanent
  • Posts: 2,642
  • Joined: 21 May 2002

Just to add my fourpennyworth ( I haven't gone decimal yet !)...I was behind the goal at the Plough End....and thought the same as you...that the famous old hymm known commonly as "you fat bast*rd" may have been misheard at other parts of the ground....I heard nothing racist where I was standing.

One dodgy moment though........when the younger members of the "choir" sang to TC about his Status Quo T-Shirt !!!

Could have all kicked off then !!! I have advised TC to wear a Sugarbabes T-Shirt next time so not to cause offence !! MY AR*E !!!


offline Gordon T

Gordon T
  • First XI - Sub
  • Posts: 1,204
  • Joined: 31 Jan 2003
Well as one of the people that sung that, I apologise! <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

offline Blinkjim

  • First XI - Sub's Bench
  • Posts: 308
  • Joined: 29 Jan 2003
i aint apologiseing, status quo!?!? But seriously to reiterate a point said a thousand times i heard no rasicm. the only plausable reason for the boro fans to have heard racism is that, in the first half they heard "you fast b*****d" and mistook it as not fat but black, which set off alarm bells in their heads followed by moussa chants which probly confirmed what they believed even though they were wrong.

Although we shouldn't rule out the chance that small groups did, only the majority couldn't distinguish it between the main body of sound.

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