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Torquay fans supporting Ebbsfleet at Aldershot

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Here's one well meaning Gulls fan wishing the Fleet a good result at the Shots tomorrow!


I'm an exiled TUFC fan living in Northumberland who's going on the 2 hour drive south to York to, hopefully, set up a final against yourselves.


Anyway, best of luck. Play 'last man standing wins' if you have to!




Bruce - a.k.a.Northumbergull

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Thanks, we'll need to play better than in midweek, that's for sure. Our season's gone tits up just now so the FAT is a nice relief from our woes. That's not to downplay it, it's a fine competition with a long history (in different incarnations). We've never won anything more shiny than the Devon Bowl!


Still, I think both of us will make it through.



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You mean like ...get cautions, red cards and injuries to get the win?

And then we would play you next.




You know what I mean...


I'll be setting off for York at about 10am for the 2 hour drive south. It's raining lightly this morning, but at least it was dry all day yesterday. The pitch should hold up.


Well, best of luck again. No doubt somebody will have a radio to pass on the score at your end of the country.




Bruce a.k.a. Northumbergull

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