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brimsdown rovers 1 - 7 urchins f/t

Uncle Urchin

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Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin
capital league updates...

and any other games being played...

Tottenham-Chelsea 4-4
Lazio-Roma 2-2 after 78 minutes grin
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psv 0 ajax 0

Watched both the premier league games tonight and the league is far from over,chelsea leak goals left right and centre and yanited although 2-0 winners were hardly on top form,in fact take ronaldo out that side and they are pretty ordinary,bolton should of scored with 5 mins left but for some reason the referee decided not to annoy fergie by chalking off a good goal for bolton,apart from that bolton had a few good chances which for a side of their crap nature said alot about the game.

In fact none of the top 3 are in any sort of good form,probably due to their european exploits.

This sunday could be pivotal but i wouldn't put it past the old scousers to take at least a point off yanited and i am going to bet arsenal will do chelsea with ashley cole being sent off.

Further more can anyone point out how mike riley is still a premier league referee????

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I make you right UM!Cristiano Ronaldo scored nearly as many goals(31) as Rooney,Tevez and Saha(33) put together!Ashley Cole is a disgrace and the Chelsea players that surrounded the referee after,are even worse than him flamezero tolerance? you're having a laugh! crazyYou watch Portsmouth-Aston Villa with all the sending offs and you wonder why Ashley Cole was staying on the pitch...there is no consistency and the players are not doing anything to help them!

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ashley cole is a c u n t.

chelsea players think they are above the law and are not allowed to be tackled especially fat frank.

I think their behaviour will come back to haunt them as the FA will look to make sure they don't get away with another performance from their players sunday like tonights.

Obviously if eboue plays for arsenal then we may lose a player as he is a c u n t as well

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Lost count last night.

Brimsdown scored the last goal and their keeper shouted.

"Come on we only need 8 more" which is why i thought it was 8-1.

Bring on Staines.

2 home league games before then.

So come down to the bridge.

Exciting stuff.

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