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FAO Plough Enders who HAVE NOT bought their ticket


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Much has been said about the drawback of not being able to sit with your friends at Wembley- the people you go to every game with and who are part of the whole experience.


I am keen to sit with the lot who I usually sit with, around Scott's drum, and so is 'Ian_D', or Ian Dickety. We are planning to buy our tickets on Saturday before the game. If you sit around here and also want to sit with the Plough End singing regulars at Wembley, could you contact me or Ian so we could plan our buying of tickets so we are in a group?


Obviously this is going to be the happiest day in my life as an Ebbsfleet fan (and probably in general!) and I will be ecstatic to be there, regardless of who I am next to, but I think it would be extra extra extra special if I could see this once in a lifetime game with those who I am usually with at the Fleet!


That said, I will be in the Globe before the game and hope to share a drink with Fleet fans old and new, MyFC or not, and am hoping we can break the 53,000 record from last year's final.


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To Kayne & Kev

most of the PLOUGH ENDERS are seating in block 126 which is on the side of the ground but we have a great veiw of all the pitch


Kevin if you got your ticket with Lee than you are in block 126 in about row 38-44 but most of the PLOUGH ENDERS are near another sitting together

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