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Three New Strikers


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Yep one is Bangura, one is Roy Gumbs and the third is a youngster called Aston Venture who has apparently scored a lot of goals for Staines reserve side.


Talking of strikers, is anyone else as miffed as me looking through the papers this week. In the Observer there is a piece on Sunview Windows winning a Sunday/Saturday league cup with Terry Davies scoring a hat-trick.


Now don't get me wrong, all players want to play football, but they played Extra-time on a muddy pitch midweek. You have to question how fresh he will be for Saturday in what is a massive game for us and the logic behind it?

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Aston Venture - was that not a car? Is that a belated April Fool? If he is as good as his name we will be laughing.

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we had aston for a couple of games at staines lammas in the combined counties , has bundles of talent just needs to start using it will do a good job for , also had chris robinson aswell quality player , both good young players who will go onto play higher up in my opinion,

we also had lee carrol for one game , good keeper as long as you can keep him on the straight and narrow ! , thought you had signed billy sentance from us aswell but not seen him feature in any of your games !

good luck for the rest of the season

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think Sentance was signed but no he has not featured yet even as a sub for whatever reason


Robinson seems to be very much a confidence player. when its going right he plays at times superbly imo. when its not working for him he can be at times quite awful


lets hope if aston gets his chance he will show exactly what he can do straight away

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