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Safety Officer

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Today, a couple of years after the song was first sung, the choir was told by the safety officer at MFC that they should stop swearing (when asked specifically, the safety officer cited the F word used once towards the end of the Everywhere We Go song). The context it is used in is obviously tongue in cheek, and in keeping with the way football should be. If we're going to stamp this out, what is the future for the atmosphere at football? It's going to be like a morgue if we nit-pick.


The safety officer, when told by the choir that this is a football match, then proceeded to start getting in peoples faces telling them "don't make this personal", which I thought was unnecessary. Then, I later found out that the safety officer has been instructed to stand behind the choir from now on. Do they want to rid Hartsdown of any atmosphere at all? Sad state of affairs really.

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The safety officer has also stopped the games being recorded at Hartsdown Park due to it being too 'dangerous'

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Whilst i agree that 'bad language' should be cut down at matches (i know i have my bad moments) you can't cut it out completely and there are manny other supporters in the ground that are not part of the choir who swear a lot at games.


I think a certain someone wants the choir banned

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I'm going to back our safety officer here.I'm sure he was only following orders & personally I don't see any reason why songs cant be sung without the "f" word.

As Bitch says(jokingly)think up a song or songs that don't need the "f" word in them. Surely it can't be hard to do.Try & be original for goodness sake. You have some good songs there which I & others I'm sure enjoy hearing but...the "f" word is not necessary.

Does it mean that swearing makes you look bigger or tougher? No it certainly dosen't. It dosen't sound nice out of football & its the same inside of football.Forget that its whats done all over the country.Be different,be cleaner & be more affective in what you do.

I swear at times if course I do, but I try to keep it to a minimum & I'm certainly not proud having done so & I certainly apologise to those around me for doing so if I feel it might have offended them.

The main reason in singing surely is to get behind OUR team on the day but all so often all I hear is slagging off other teams,teams which aren't even in attendance.Then theres the "fat" goalkeeper,the opposition manager etc etc.How does this help the players? Fun for those singing it I'm sure & yes it is meant mostly as a laugh & in banter form & I accept that but its not achieving anything is it?

Peter is a bonefide professional safety officer & is a really nice chap too,he does his job well too.Without him & the Stewards we wouldn't be allowed to stage games at all so if you want them out see where that leaves us.I don't think you should be too hard on him.

Yesterday the Swifts fans arrived already worse for wear from drink & really they shouldn't have been allowed in in the first place in that state i.m.o. However they were & they too were giving out the "f" word on many occasions but the Stewards were onto it & kept them in check & I'm sure warned them too so it wasn't just aimed at the choir.I noticed in the second half in particular that the stewards were keeping close tabs on those supporters so I cant really see how the choir can take this personally.Both our safety officer & the Stewards were on top of their game yesterday & deserve some credit rather than being put down for trying & succeeding in keeping order,both physically & verbally.They do if for nothing as does our safety officer.

Well done both the safety officer & the Stewards for yesterday.

Unpopular I may be for saying the above buts its my personal opinion & thats what forums are for to give two sides to everything & not just the one.

Finally for those that think this post is yet another long one may I point out it is probably shorter,giving another side to the story,than all those put together (above) giving their opinion from the other side of the coin.

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The stewards had already had to ask the away fans to tone down the excessive language so they then cannot allow the home fans to do the same.

I am not sure what the swearing was but, although I am one of the sweariest people on earth, there are times when our fans go over the top.

Also, the safety officer had already had to deal with an incident where a Margate fan had slapped a ball boy around the back of the head.

If you were in his position what would your tolerance be like at that point?


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It can't help attract supporters when there is excessive collective swearing.

I'm sure most of us mutter under our breath and to the person next to us in'conversation'; but collective swearing by way of chanting foul language is imo a no no;and similarly ,i would support the clubs official view on this one for what its worth.

The world is changing a bit and some things rightly imo are just not acceptable any more

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I've known Peter for many many years, he's a good bloke, not the sort of person I would call a hard nosed jobsworth. However once he'd had to intervene with the opposition fans language, as said by somebody above, he could hardly ignore the language from the home fans. I like to hear them singing at games, but even I find their rendering and words to the Knees Up Mother Brown song pretty infantile and has absolutely nothing of relevance to football in it at all, imo.

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Originally Posted By: Chris1
...yes but 'can you hear the Ramsgate sing? I can't hear a blessed thing' hasn't really got the same ring to it, has it?

Agree Chris, I'm not averse to a bit of cussing here and there (famous for the odd cuss myself) especially in the case you quoted. grin
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Originally Posted By: Pagey
this is what creates the problem you can swear in some songs but not others. So who will decided which ones you can ?

How about a certain amount of swear words allowed in songs during a match and once you have used up the quota thats it! wink
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