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Awards dinner results?


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Well done to all the winners.


I think the fact that the "major" awards went to Macca and Dorms emphasizes that consistency of performance is what we are all searching for. Let's hope we can find it as a team next season.


Enjoyed the night, yummy tucker washed down with the "occasional" beverage.

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It was another great night, Joe Flack didn't need an award, he was just glad I didn't read a poem this year grin and don't worry Rikki I have asked Ian to give Jason your CV for future reference blush


Each of the winners were thoroughly deserved, I agree JL, it was good to see the stalwarts being rewarded.


Lastly, A big thank you to everyone who attended. applause

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Very well done to all of the winners.

Although leons goal was a fine goal,

for my money the goal of the season

was scored in the game of the season

against Horsham at home it was a good build up

a great cross with an unbelievably outstanding

volley from the edge of the box scored by Burbs

to win the game.

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I know it was Gazza,

I'm just saying it was well worthy.


I'm not taking any of the shine away from Leon's goal


Nor would i take any of the shine away from Joe Flacks Golden Boot award....whoops Sorry i mean BWG doh

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