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What I posted is the "general non-league commentaries available when you visit that page today" link ... if you click on listen live Ebbs v Eastbourne you should get a choice - high or low quality , Real player or Media player . The link is still worth bookmarking - if you can't get RK , sometimes the other team have their own commentary available .

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2 points dropped tonight - Eastbourne only made one foray into our area in the second half (from which they might have scored if the shot had been cleanly hit rather than simply bobbled into Lance's arms)and looked very tired through the second half.


We werent at our best though and Stacy & Ricko had poor games by their standards.


Darius had another very strong performance though & Kweshi did well for the majority of the 60 minutes he had on the pitch.


Gash took his chance well.


Ref was poor again - often left players perplexed by hisdecisions - to be fair he tried to play the advantage where possible, but then ended up blowing up for the foul anyway.


Looked as though Moore should have had a penalty right at the death and we thought we'd won it with a header which the keeper did brilliantly to fingertip round the post.


We need to start winning these games though if we are to challenge for promotion.


One other slightly disappointing aspect was the crowd was only 1120 - especially as there were quite a few Eastbourne there (at least 100 I thought and possibly 150?)


Still, at least we're still only 6 points off the top and just 3 off 2nd, so its not a disastrous result.

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In honesty, that was a pretty poor performance - a number of players looked well out of sorts, a couple were out of position, and luckily 3 or 4 were outstanding.

Luke was wasted deep on the right wing - he ought to have been alongside Gash from the start, with Appiah wide.

Ricko, Stacey and Bazza looked well short, and Gash, Moore Darius and Hand spared us the indignity of losing.


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HG and Alan pretty much summed up what I thought, they looked very tired, but defended really well. Luke and Darius were our two best players I thought. Gash was very quiet I thought, he took his goal well but that was about it. Although, he was held throughout the game, similar to the Lewes game.


The save at the end was amazing, it was in all the way, until out of nowhere hook gets down to the bottom corner and gets a strong hand on it and puts it round the post. Save of the season so far.


Definately thought we should have had the pen, Luke was brought down just as he was about to unleash his shot.

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Luke was probably my man of the match tonight he did a lot of running off the ball and getting into spaces. ricketts and long had poor games tonight, and please stacey sort out your corners because 1 in 4 corners reach the goalmouth the others don't even make it to the front post. kwesi appiah had a good game on saturday but i think he should slowly break into the starting line up, because i felt kezie didn't deserve to be dropped to the bench.

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Luke moores workrate was exceptional and should have got Man Of The Match! I can't understand the reasons behind Gash getting it, apart from the goal he did very little and just sat waiting for the ball, instead of trying to make things happen. Gash is a very good signing, but last night was his worst game since signing on for 'The Fleet'. We definitely should have had at least One penalty in the last couple of minutes, Moore was hacked down when about to shoot from a couple of yards out and Gash was barged off the ball in the area a few seconds later. Credit to Eastbourne though, they were lively and looked a decent side, they will stay up this Season and will be very difficult to beat at their place.

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This was only the second game I have got to this season, I concur with most of the comments above, the only thing I will say is that in the years I have been going I have stood beside the same group of people. We all were wondering last night why Stacy Long does not get dropped. He did nothing, his corners were rubbish and he does not give the team width. We should have had a penalty right at the end, but the ref was not at the races for the whole game. And you can only applaud the keeper's save at the death as well. It is a long season, and my only concern is about the taking of chances, does anyone feel we need another striker!!!! :-)

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Not sure we need a striker, we look a different team when we actually play football and dont rely on the big hoof upfield.There was a point in the first half where we strung 8 or 9 passes together ( all on the ground ) culminating in a shot on goal,which is the type of football i am sure we all want to see. We play into too many teams hands by lumping the ball forward to Gash who either has no one reading the knock on or he gives away a free kick for backing in, either way we lose possession and the ball ends up at the feet of our back four and the process starts again !!

Hand has brought a new dimension to us, just need others to follow his example.

I thought Eastbourne looked a good side when they attacked us with pace in the first half, but they tired quite quickly in the second.

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Spot on, Ahsatan. If only we could have the confidence to play like that for the entire game, we would be thrashing teams like Woking and Eastbourne.

Don't know if it is a confidence thing, but at the moment, the only player in the team remotely interested in playing a passing game, is Hand. Until such time as Lance starts throwing the ball to the full backs, or to Hand, playing just in front of the defence, we will always resort to the futile and ineffective route 1 lump forward.

I cannot recall Ricko having such a poor game as last night, positionally, and distribution were awful.

I was surprised Pooley didn't replace him tbh.In Moore we have the club's leading scorer (before last night 5 from 9 games), which is our 25 goal a season striker.

Why then was he playing wide right, especially after Appiah came on in that very position on Saturday and looke the business?

The evidence was there for all to see, as soon as Moore moved up front, we created a hatful of great chances, denied only by some inspired goalkeeping.



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Definitely 2 points dropped against an Eastbourne team who had a lot of character and should easily stay on on this showing.


They played well in first half but were there for the taking in the 2nd half. We need to show more quality all round and wasted so much possession it was untrue.


Puts pressure on us to pick up points this saturday at Barrow and at Altrincham the following one.

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