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Weymouth travel problems


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crazy things going down at that club, really sad state of affairs.


I know this week they have dismissed that are to merge with Dorchester but sadly it might be the only option unless someone buys them out very soon.


For a area where there isn't many big clubs, Exeter, Torquay, Yeovil, Dorchester you would think someone would want to buy them and make them big

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Originally Posted By: Jeff
Seems that they might not even make it to Kent tomorrow.


I don't believe for one moment that this will be the only club (Weymouth) suffering on a knife edge this season. I'm not sure where we stand either, and our guys are pretty open about it. Other clubs are not very forthcoming at to their current financials. The way it's heading we could make the playoffs without to much effort and trouble. Mind you, I do feel sorry for the terras supporters. I wish them well and hope they get over this crisis.
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I reckon that there must be at least half a dozen Conference clubs living on a knife edge. Oxford, Grays, Weymouth,Lewes, Eastbourne and Crawley at a guess are all a bit precarious - not forgetting lil old us after February.

I would be happier if our home gates got up to the heady heights of 1700, like earlier in the season. somehow, that just isn't going to happen.

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