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Will you be supporting this initiative?

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You might have seen that I was following it all the time on the update thread we had on the Hx forum. I posted - I had it on the BBC. Shakes, 6 minutes. Don't try to assume moral high ground please when other people are already standing on it! grin

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Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz
Hard to believe, as you wouldn't know from this forum, but we played tonight. And won 1-0.
It was against Altrincham, for those who didn't know or didn't care.

I was following the scores myself, any danger in answering that question on how you knew members were volotile on MYFC Gaz, your not on the happy forum so we can keep asking without being banned.
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And we will talk about whatever we wish to talk about on here Gaz - you should know that. It's all Fleet-related, anyway. We are not going down the Happy Forum route. If you like it that way, fine - but we like this forum to be a little more meandering - it's all about Ebbsfleet and cashflow, you see ....

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Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz

They were my suggestioin to the club a few years ago, and Brian Kilcullen thought it such a good idea he introduced it.
The club gets some cash up front, and spectators will feel more inclined to attend on a cold wet Tuesday February evening in the knowledge that the entrance is already paid for.

Not a view that is shared by all tho Gaz...
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Originally Posted By: billy nick
"Now the more "volotile" members have gone - maybe it is somethingworth looking at again - MYFC needs everyone it can get."

Explain who these members are HG, as this statement coming from you who wouldn't part with 70p a week to be a member is very strange indeed.

Are you given a list of the so called volotile members or

I'm still looking for an answer to this question HG. You have a habit of side stepping questions.

You made the statement on your silly post on free membership on MYFC.
I outlined the fact that the MYFC membership brought in cheaper ticket prices for regular fleet fans to enjoy. Therefore they could pay for MYFC membership out of the savings they have made.
But you come back with it was your idea all along. doh
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