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MyFC Society Board Interim Election Results


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The following members of MyFC have been successful in the MyFC Society Board Election for Interim Board members:-




Chris P


Harry J Allstars


These Board members will represent MyFC members until August when a fresh election is due.


Fleet Fans should hopefully be pleased that the Board has a very strong "Original" Fleet Fan element with Harry J Allstars (Paul Jarvis) and Chris P (Chris Pilkinton) now joining Jessica McQueen (already "sitting").


The Society Board is now back up to its original strength of seven members.

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Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin
Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz
That looks like a very "hands on" board. One that will talk, get action done, and will be able to physically see the result of their work.

looks like a late aprils fool joke to me.....grin

Bearing in mind my signature................Ship of Fools, springs to mind!
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Bit of history.


Yorkfox has worked very hard to share information with members through a daily email (subscribable) to members. Hugely positive and diplomatic in nature.


Both Chris P and Arithon were on the original elected Society Board and both resigned.


Brenton has worked on MyFCs Voting Committee, which is primarily reponsible for facilitating members proposals and providing checks and balances regarding rules and regulations of the Society.


Harry J has got an opportunity to prove his new found belief in MyFC.

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I have nothing but respect for Yorkfox(Keith), he took the principles of MyFC to heart and has used them to the raise much needed money for the Club, plus he spends his own money to travel to see the Fleet play!

Harry(Paul Jarvis)J Allstars totally commited to EUFC, but has shown time and time again, brain power is not one of his strengths!

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